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Amiga Power Issue 42

ISSUE: 42Content


  • Super Stardust
    It's devastatingly good! And we're the first magazine on Earth to review it!

Cover Disks:

  • Disk One
    Theme Park (A500 version)
    Bullfrog's long time coming and aptly-named simulation is here at last. Worth the wait? You betcha!
  • Disk Two
    Ruff 'n' Tumble
    Boy meets large gun meets robots in Renegade's platformer.
    Bubble and Squeak (A1200)
    Boy meets blue things meets, er, watery death.
  • Disk Three
    Alien Breed 2: Tower Assault (A1200)
    Blast through our EXCLUSIVE, two-level, two-player, demo, eh?

This Is... Amiga Power

  • True Stories
    Or as it should be called this month, True Previews. Because? Well, because it should.
  • Diary of A Game
    Sensible Software continue their never dull and occasionally lucid tale of an epic golf game in the making.
  • Games Versus Reality
    What's so great about the real world, anyway? We see how it fares against the Amiga -- scientifically.
  • Win a Date with Fate
    At dreamy Alton Towers in dreamy Empire's dreamy Dream Web compo. And maybe they'll have finished the game by next month. Grrrr.
  • Hey You Groovy Cats...
    Catch the trend that's sweeping the country like a giant, friendly tidal wave. SUBSCRIBE to AMIGA POWER and lots of good things will happen to you. You'll get groovy free things like a coveted AMIGA POWER 0. Man.
  • Completely Fab
    Those are the two choice words top tipster Rich Pelley used to describe the monthly helpathon that is the one and only COMPLETE CONTROL.
  • Back Issues/Mail Order
    Can YOU spot the subliminal messages we've planted to convince you to buy our merchandise?
  • Hi Ho Hey Now Nonny Nonny Silver Lining
    Reviews of all the latest CD32 converts, only this time in Chaucerian English.
  • Public Domain
    Cheap, very cheap, and occasionally downright free games.
  • Do the Write Thing
    Containing fact, fiction, comment and venomous personal attacks on various AP team members. It's riveting.
  • The Bottom Line
    All the releases of the last year, in exciting alphabetical order!
  • The Secret Cavern
    Reader ads scented with a delicate hint of nostalgia.
  • The Breakfast Sandwich
    Exclusive first review of the mother of all bread-based snacks.

Games of The Month

  • Super Stardust
    A whole new experience or just an A1200 rehash of the original Stardust? Read it and weep.
  • Theme Park
    Bearing in mind the dodgy state of Britains real theme parks, we'd say this one's here just at the right time
  • Ruff 'n' Tumble
    Cute kid with a gun in platform based Turrican in---red bla--pid fun. Whoop whoop. *

Games Reviewed This Issue

Full Price:

  • Battletoads
  • Detroit
  • Ruff 'n' Tumble
  • Super Stardust A1200
  • Theme Park A1200
  • Top Gear 2 A1200


  • Battle Toads
  • Jetstrike
  • Myth
  • Out to Lunch
  • Simon the Sorcerer
  • Superfrog


  • Formula 1 Challenge
  • Fortress
  • Multiplayer Yahtzee
  • Pillmania
  • Quingo
  • Steward's Enquiry

Coming Soon:

  • Ambermoon
  • Dream Web
  • Overlord
  • FIFA Soccer
  • Mutant League Hockey
  • Jungle Strike
  • Theme Park
  • A bigger, better
  • Sunnier, happier
  • Brighter tomorrow

Disk 42:

The more numerically astute of you will have noticed that there's a 50% increase in the number of disks this month. That's 50% more plastics, ferrous oxides, and metals used in the production of this mag. So next time you stare up at the hole in the ozone, think AMIGA POWER.

  • Theme Park
    We may have review the A1200 version of Bullfrog's astonishing new sim game, but we're caring and thoughtful enough to present you with the A500 version. There's enough Chickenmen, ice cream shops, bouncy castles, and everything else to set up your very own tiny theme park. Just add screaming kids and the smell of vomit for added realism.
  • Tower Assault
    Absolutely everyone must have bought Alien Breed by now, even people without Amigas. So it's just as well Team 17 have produced this fab demo of the sequel.
  • Ruff 'n' Tumble
    Conclusive proof that children and firearms DO mix. Move over Mothercare, Renegade are in charge now. Oh yes.
  • Bubble and Squeak
    A1200 only antics with a small boy and his friend, a large blue, um, thingummy-bob.

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    Title: Amiga Power Issue 42
    Month: October
    Year: 1994
    Editor: Cam Winstanley
    Country: United Kingdom
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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