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Amiga Power Issue 6

ISSUE: 6Content


  • Does bigger really mean better?


  • True Stories
    Where's the best place to go for a peek at next year's games? What's heppening with the new version of Star Trek? Who is foolish enough to be planning a game based on Jimmy Hill? When will the Mind Possessing Aliens From Hyperspace be landing? All these questions are answered in our expanded news section. PLUS Rock Hard Quiz, Crib Sheets, Oh Dear! and more.
  • The Charts
    Manchester United has made it to the top, and Full Contact is still hanging in there, but what of the other 09 games that are jamming up the charts? Find out the climbers and fallers with our official Gallup listings.
  • Complete Control
    Take charge of the trickiest titles with the help the most reliable tips section around. This month: Hero Quest, Blade Warrior, plus final sections of Prince of Persia and Gods.
  • If I'd Known Then...
    Simon Phipps, the man behind Rick Dangerous and Switchblade (amongst others) ruminates on his successes and failures.
  • Why Are All French Games So Bonkers?
    We packed our man off to the continent on a quest for the weirdest game from the home of weirdness...
  • One Hell of a Competition
    Mirrorsoft were so chuffed with our hugely enthusiastic review of Mega-lo-Mania that they've came up with a killer of a competition prize - every game they've ever released ever (!!), plus every game they're going to for the next five years!!
  • Do the Write Thing
    Bigger, better, more. That's the theme of this bubbling letters page. And now there's money to be won for your opinions too...
  • The Bottom Line
    Reviews, reviews, and more reviews. Snappy and informative summaries on nearly 300 of last year's top games in our unique reference section.
  • In the Style Of...
    Sensible Software's Jon Hare takes Mega lo Mania into a whole new league.

Full Price Reviews:

  • Big Business
  • Cruise for a Corpse
  • Darkman
  • Dino Wars
  • Final Fight
  • Flames of Freedom: Midwinter II
  • Geisha
  • King's Bounty
  • Magic Pockets
  • Monster Business
  • Robin Hood
  • Rodland
  • Secret of the Silver Blades
  • Silent Service II
  • Terminator 2 - Judgement Day
  • Utopia

Budget Title Reviews:

  • Deadline
  • Dungeons, Amethysts, Alchemists And Everythin'
  • Insector Hecti in the Interchange
  • Red Heat
  • Shufflepuck Cafe
  • Skychase
  • Sorcerer
  • Stryx
  • Waterloo

Compilation Reviews:

  • Rainbow Collection
  • Grandstand


  • Trojan Light Phaser

Public Domain Reviews:

  • Buck Rogers
  • Bug Bash
  • Cubulus
  • ED209 - The Revenge
  • Flashbier
  • Go-Moku
  • Ladybug
  • Middle East Mania
  • Nucleus
  • Pom Pom Gunner
  • RoboCop Goes to Iraq
  • Wizzy's Quest

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    Title: Amiga Power Issue 6
    Month: October
    Year: 1991
    Editor: Matt Bielby
    Country: United Kingdom
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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