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Amiga Power Issue 7

ISSUE: 7Content


  • What Car?


  • True Stories
    Bigger and better than ever! Parasol Stars, Maelstrom interviews, Impulze profile, System 3, AMIGA POWER Recommends, Oh Dear..., Rock Hard Quiz, become an AP reviewer and more! Plus! New regular column, but Don't Quote Us...
  • The Charts
    All the chart action - what's going up, what's coming down, and what's hovering around the middle - in our official Gallup charts.
  • Complete Control
    Take control of Mega lo Mania, Populous, The Power and many more. Plus! Action Replay pokes bonanza!
  • World of Commodore
    It's going to be quite simply the biggest and best Amiga show ever held in this country, and far and away the greatest show of the year. There's nothing else for it - you've simply got to go, and here we explain the hows, wheres, whens and whys.
  • If I'd Known Then...
    Bob Jacob of Cinemaware talks about everything from Defender Of The Crown to TV:Sports Football to Rollerbabes and beyond in a frank interview.
  • Win a Trip to Eurodisney!
    And lose yourself in Another World...
  • Compo Winners
    At last! Your chance to find out if you ever won anything ever. Or not.
  • Do the Write Thing
    Viruses, ELSPA, prizes and Stuart N. Hardy - all human life is here.
  • The Bottom Line
    The biggest and bestest round up of old games in the business - all the year's major full price releases are here, with handy five star scores too!
  • Second Opinion
    Richard Yapp of Empire developers ODE plays the reviewing game...

Full Price Reviews:

  • Altered Destiny
  • The Blues Brothers
  • Boston Bomb Club
  • Brain Blasters
  • Death Knights of Krynn
  • Formule One Grand Prix
  • Hero Quest: Return of the Witchlord
  • Hudson Hawk
  • King's Quest V
  • Last Ninja 3
  • Lotus Turbo Challenge II
  • Mega Twins
  • MiG 29M Super Fulcrum
  • OutRun Europa
  • Pit-Fighter
  • Rise of the Dragon
  • Robocod
  • Rolling Ronny
  • Stratego
  • Their Finest Missions
  • Wild Wheels
  • Zone Warriors

Budget Title Reviews:

  • Archipelagos
  • Bad Company
  • Bubble Bobble
  • Cabal
  • Eye of Horus
  • Magicland Dizzy
  • Prospector in the Mazes of Xor
  • Shinobi
  • Star Goos
  • Star Blaze
  • Star Ray

Compilation Reviews:

  • Magnetic Scrolls Collection
  • Super Sim Pack

Public Domain Reviews:

  • Asteroids
  • Crystal Caverns
  • Destination Moonbase
  • Dizzy Lizzy
  • Go Looly
  • Humdinger 41
  • Jumper
  • Phase II
  • Raphael's Revenge
  • Squamble
  • Super Twintris
  • Tripppin

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    Title: Amiga Power Issue 7
    Month: November
    Year: 1991
    Editor: Matt Bielby
    Country: United Kingdom
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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