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The Games Machine Issue 7

ISSUE: 7Content

This Issue...

  • Is It Game of the Year?
    The astonishing Carrier Command from Rainbird gets the full reviewing treatment, plus some tips!
  • The ST Adventure Creator (STAC)
    Veteran adventurer TONY BRIDGE takes the new utility to pieces and discover a hoard of treasure within
  • The Super ST is Here!
    TGM gets the latest info on the ST ParSec system which turns your humble Atari ST into something very different. Plus the highly accomplished PC version of DeluxePaint II and an amazing video production tool called DeluxeProductions for the Amiga
  • Bleep House
    'I have seen the future, and it has no toiled seats . . . ' and its heart is a computer. TGM visits the House of the Future
  • MSX-II - The Range
    TGM explains the machines, their features, how the games work and just why MSXmania is sweeping the country
  • It Bites!
    It Bites are a Virgin-label band who use Atari STs for their recording and live appearances. JON BATES chats to guitarist Francis Dunnery and asks how they get on with a home micro


  • News
  • Readerpage
  • Infodesk
  • Previews
  • Reviews
  • Getting Adventurous
  • Coin-Op Confrontation
  • Reader Classifieds
  • Mercy Dash
  • Fantasy Games
  • Play by Mail
  • Music Matters
  • Endpiece


  • The Buggers
    Mel Croucher investigates Big Brother and how he watches you
  • 2001 - A Memory Space Odyssey
    The software future with Barnaby Page
  • The Autumn Art Show
    Get into the first public exhibition of computer art
  • Graffix Matters
    The ParSec Graphics system makes the ST go super! Plus PC DeluxePaint II, Amiga DeluxeProductions
  • Bleep House
    Barnaby Page visits the house of the future
  • MSX-II - The Range
    Thinking of the MSX-II? Check it out with TGM
  • Fear
    The new magazine for fans of Horror, SF and Fantasy
  • Dangerous Secrets
    John Gilbert investigate a new angle on software piracy
  • A Sound Thrashing
    In-game sound FX are more than a gimmick, says Mel Croucher


  • It's MSXellent
    Win a fabulous Philips MSX-II computer from Nightdare
  • Hello Sailor!
    Every entrant wins a Power At Sea prize! Top prize: a day on board a modern fighting vessel, courtesy of the Royal Navy and Electronic Arts
  • Mystery TGM Comp!
    Turn to the page to find out . . .
  • A Battle of the Phasers
    Ten will fight it out with GO! with the exciting Lazer Tag system

Lead Reviews:

  • Carrier Command
    Are your eyes deceiving you? Doncha believe it - Carrier Command is here and set to roar across a massive three page special. We've got the full lowdown on how it plays, tactics, strategies and masses of screen shots so you know just what to expect. Why did we rate it so highly? Find out on . . .
  • Karnov
    Electronic Dream's colourful incarnation of the jovial Data East coin-op hits the first home micro this month. How could they do it on the Spectrum, it's simply so addictive?
  • Bionic Commandos
    Software Creations have converted over to the Commodore 64/128 (with Spectrum, Amstrad, Atari ST and Amiga versions to follow), GO! are publishing it - we've reviewed it and it's well worth the wait.
  • Pandora
    The good ship Pandora - but just what is happening aboard her? We've investigated the futuristic graphics, indulged in the intricate puzzles, dabbled with the seventh generation computer just to discover what is in that box of tricks.

​Reviews Summary:
Spectrum 48/128:

  • Buggy Boy
  • Crosswize
  • Gothik
  • Karnov
  • Sophistry
  • Target: Renegade
  • Venom Strikes Back

Commodore 64/128:

  • Bionic Commandos
  • Corporation
  • Echelon
  • Gothik
  • North Star
  • Pandora
  • Road Wars
  • Stealth Mission
  • Target Renegade
  • Three Stooges (The)
  • Venom Strikes Back

Amstrad CPC:

  • Beyond the Ice Palace
  • Eddie Edwards: Super Ski
  • Venom Strikes Back

Atari ST:

  • Bad Cat
  • Beyond the Ice Palace
  • Carrier Command
  • Captain Blood
  • Deflektor
  • Eddie Edwards: Super Ski
  • Foundation's Waste
  • Ikari Warriors
  • Impossible Mission II
  • North Star
  • Obliterator
  • Out Run
  • Road Wars
  • Spidertronic 52
  • Spitfire 40
  • Staff
  • StarQuake
  • Strip Poker II
  • Time And Magik
  • Warlock's Quest
  • Wizball


  • Galactic Invasion
  • Fire Power
  • Obliterator
  • Power Bridge
  • Thexder
  • Three Stooges (The)
  • Time And Magik
  • Wizball


  • Eddie Edwards: Super Ski
  • StarQuake
  • Strike Force Harrier


  • Salamander


  • Blade Eagle
  • Fantasy Zone II

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    Title: The Games Machine Issue 7
    Month: May
    Year: 1988
    Editor: Oliver Frey
    Country: United Kingdom
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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