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Amiga World Issue 1

ISSUE: 1Content


  • A First Look at the Amiga - A look at the features of Commodore's remarkable new computer. Lots of lovely photo's of the A1000 & Workbench
  • What If? - another article espousing the potential of the new computer
  • Amazing Graphics - explaining the Amiga's graphics capabilities


  • Stimulating Simulations - a look inside Electronic Arts including an interview with Trip Hawkins
  • Sound Like - Putting AMiga's sound capabilities to use. A look at the upcoming Musicraft software
  • A Peek at the 68000 - The Motorola CPU at the heart of the Amiga. Certainly is different from Intel's chippery!!
  • The Amiga as a Teaching Tool - the potential explored ... again!!


  • Avision - Steve Twombly details his first look at the new Amiga prototype in 1984 before it was in production. He came away from Los Gatos overwhelmed
  • Zeitgeist (Intro from the Editor) - talking about putting a new magazine out before the subject matter was even on sale
  • Amiga Solutions - The Amiga business potential is explored


  • Digital Canvas - Jack Haeger, Director of Amiga's Art & Graphics dept. shows us what the new computer is capable of in the hands of an artist. Awesome!!
  • Help Key - The experts tell you all the tips for getting out of trouble with your new super computer
  • List of Software - Just that ... a list of software available at launch day and/or imminently inbound
  • Coming Next Issue - what to expect in issue 2

Notable Stuff:

  • Reviews? What reviews?
  • This issue really was more of an advert for the Amiga with very little detail in terms of software reviews etc because it was released before the Amiga went on general sale.
  • The magazine from memory was only available to Amiga User group members. It didn't go on general public sale until issue 3 or 4

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    Title: Amiga World Issue 1
    Month: Premier
    Year: 1985
    Publisher: IDG Publishing
    Editor: Guy Wright
    Pages: 106
    Price: $3.95
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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