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Amiga World Issue 17

ISSUE: 17Content


  • Bridge Over Troubled Waters - Commodore's A2088 Bridgeboard may provide the holy grail of achieving Amiga-IBM compatibility. And it did indeed ...
  • Turbocharging Your Amiga 2000 - Providing dramatic increases in computing horsepower via CSA's 68020 accelerator board. At a cost ... a significant cost ...
  • You Can't Get There From Here - A detailed look at the pros and cons of C-64 - Amiga emulation and whether you can use your old software on your new Amiga. Nope!! ...


  • Swapping Data - Clipboard Style - Using the Exec clipboard feature in your own applications
  • Basic By The Numbers - Our series on programming your Amiga using Amiga Basic continues in part 2 of our tutorial....


  • Zeitgeist (Intro from the Editor) - This month telling everyone about his visiting the latest Amiga shows
  • Info.phile - check out number crunching on CBM's super computer in The Numbers Game. Four new spreadsheet applications are put to the test including Analyze! & Maxi Plan


  • Repartee - Letters to the editor. Have a moan here ...
  • Notepad - What's new in the world of Amiga. Oriented at shows, developers, announcements etc.
    • Comdex
    • OutrAegis '87 - showcase of Aegis products
    • Dev's wanted to get the best out of University of Lowell's new parallel imaging coprocessor

    [*]Hors d'oeuvres - hints and techniques from the readers, for the readers


    • Applications
      • AudioMaster (audio sampler from Aegis Development)
      • Multi-Forth (programming language from Creative Solutions)
      • Reason (document critiquing software from The Other Guys)
      • Butcher (graphics editing from Eagle Tree Software)
      • Doug's Math Aquarium (awesome interactive maths from Seven Seas Software)
      • Haicalc (Spreadsheet from Haitex Resources)
      • Visual Aurals (sight kaleidoscope to music from Visual Aural Animation)


      • Azarok's Tomb (Aegis Development)
      • Phantasie III (Strategic Simulations)
      • The Black Cauldron (Sierra On Line)

    [*]What's New? - New product releases. This month we have ...

    • SupraModem 2400
    • Live! framegrabber
    • Video Toaster
    • Terrorpods
    • FlickerFixer
    • Easyl
    • Analytic Art
    • AmigaDOS C upgrade
    • Comspec A1000 auto-booting HDD
    • A500 memory expansion from Computer Expansion Products
    • Byte Box for A500
    • HUGEprint
    • saf-T-net
    • A2000 Ethernet board from Ameristar Technologies & ADSG
    • AmiGen

    [*]Help Key - Ask the experts how to get you outta the crap on your Miggy!!!

Notable Stuff:

  • There's only three game reviews this month. THREE .... !!! Yep ... this magazine is predominantly aimed at USA users who evidently do not have the time or inclination to play games on their beautiful Amiga's.
  • There are only 6 pages of game advertising in a 100 page issue indicating even the publishers think the market for gaming in the USA is a tough sell.
  • A software subscription to your favourite 'non-gaming' magazine will set you back $24.97 (local), $29.97 (Mexico), $44.97 (overseas surface) or $47.97 if you live north of the border (Canada)

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    Title: Amiga World Issue 17
    Month: February
    Year: 1988
    Publisher: IDG Publishing
    Editor: Guy Wright
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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