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Antic Issue 10

ISSUE: 10Content


  • 400 Upgrade (Keyed up and RAMing to go)
  • Adventuring (How to participate in this great gaming genre)
  • Unfazed by the Fazer (Using data buffers to speed up printing tasks)
  • Conserve RAM (BASIC's USR function explained)
  • Talk Is Cheap (Voice I/O for the Atari computer)
  • Antic Pix Adventure (Seven adventure games reviewed!):
    • Galahad and the Holy Grail
    • Temple of Apshai
    • Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress
    • Suspended
    • Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
    • Creepers
    • Empire of the Overmind


  • I/O Board (Letter column)
  • Help! (Corrections and reader-suggested fixes)
  • Profiles: Scott Adams (Antic chats with the adventure-creating guru)
  • Starting Line: I/O and You
  • Inside Atari
    • E.T. Game for Atari Computers
    • XL Line Debuts

    [*]Pilot Your Atari: Lines Away!

    [*]Systems Guide: List Assister by Dana Noonan

    [*]Dragonsmoke: Nice Dice

    [*]Education: Shoot 'Em Up Math by Andrew Silberstein

    [*]In the Public Domain: Stunt Clown by John Magdziarz

    [*]Games Department:

    • Star Raider Academy
    • PacMan (5200)
    • Dial-A-Game (The Atari 2600 modem-based game service goes live)

    [*]Tape Topics: Ten Ten (Atari's new 1010 cassette recorder)

    [*]FORTH Factory: Why Go FORTH?

    [*]Assembly Language: Hokey POKEY Interrupts

    [*]New Products (Hardware for the Atari)

    [*]Microscreens (Reader-submitted screenshots of their computer-generated artwork)

    [*]NEC Fix (Eliminate the squealing in NEC printers due to a simple design flaw)

    [*]Product Reviews

    • ATR8000 terminal
    • Apprentice Robot Arm Kit
    • Adventureland (48k disk)
    • The Pharoah's Curse (16k cartridge)
    • Mapping the Atari (book)
    • Warlock's Revenge (48k disks)
    • Happy 810 enhancement
    • OMNIMON monitor
    • Epson FX-80 printer
    • B Key 400 keyboard

    [*]Atari Clinic (Helping readers with their Atari-based problems)

    [*]Computer Quiz (How much DO you know about your computer?)

    [*]Looking at Books: Atari PILOT For Beginners

    [*]Listing Conventions (How do you make those neat little icons show up in your programs? Use this handy table!)

Notable Stuff:

  • The package for Infocom's Suspended has creepy-pasta written all over it...gaaah!
  • Gee, an E.T. game for home computers. Just what we all wanted after the 2600 debacle, right?
  • 20th Century Fox games is looking for a winning design for a new M*A*S*H* game. The winner's looking at a contract worth $25,000 (that's nearly $60k in today's dollars), and the runners-up are looking at driving away in new Jeeps, hooking up new TI-99/4A computers, or playing one of 4,000 give-away games.
  • You think online gaming started with Xbox Live? Atari had that covered in 1983 with the GameLine service and Master Module modem. Now get off my lawn.
  • Did you perhaps mean "The Pharaoh's Curse" there, game designers? Spelling counts. ^_^
  • Despite the name, the Happy 810 Enhancement doesn't do anything dirty, it just speeds up your computer.

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    Title: Antic Issue 10
    Month: July
    Year: 1983
    Publisher: Antic Publishing Inc.
    Editor: James Capparell
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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