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Atari Age Issue 10

ISSUE: 10Content

(The following is loosely based on this issue's Table of Contents with (notes) and bullet lists added for clarity.)

(A Contest Entry form, Order form, and return envelope are included with this issue.)

Videogame Masters Competition ('The Challenge - Master the Runt Guardians of QuadRun')

Captain's Log (editorial by Steve Morgenstern; includes table of contents)

New Cartridge Report (new & upcoming releases)

  • Mario Bros. (2600, 5200)
  • Pigs in Space (2600)
  • Quadrun (2600; 'Atari Club Exclusive Cartridge Introduction')
  • Snoopy and the Red Baron (2600)
  • Big Bird's Egg Catch (2600)

How to Shoot Screen Photos

Casebook of R. Cade (prose)

Game-Grams (reader mail; shares page with 'Solution Section')

Solution Section ('Send Us Your Face' contest results; correction; Atari Scramble solution; Casebook of R. Cade solution)

Atari News (news coverage)

  • World Centipede Champions Crowned
  • Free Computers For Schools Offered By Atari and Post Cereals
  • Atari Adventure Centers Open

Sneak Peeks (previews)

  • Lucasfilm (upcoming games)
  • Coming Soon From An Arcade Near You (Crystal Castles, Millipede, Stargate home ports planned)
  • Coin Video Preview (Firefox, TX-1)
  • Computer Game Favorite Due For Atari VCS System (Choplifter)

Your Turn (reader submitted stuff; artwork, poetry, word scramble)

Master Strategy Guide (reader submitted Berzerk strategies)

Bonus - Pull-Out Calendar (1984 calendar)

ComputerWorks (' reach the point where you can make an intelligent choice of a computer to fit your own needs and desires.')

Clubhouse Store ('The Clubhouse Store;' mailorder marketplace; accessories, controllers, merchandise, cart list)

Coin Video Corner (arcade coverage)

  • Pole Position II
  • The Adventures of Major Havoc

Contest ('Atari Club - Limerick Contest')

Free ARCs ('Three For Free;' three Atari Club redemption certificates)

5200 Flash (5200 coverage)

  • Pengo
  • Moon Patrol
  • Robotron 2084
  • Berzerk
  • 'Order any Atari 5200 Game from the Atari Club and Save on 5200 Trak-Ball Controller or VCS Cartridge Adaptor' (cart list)


(Atari Age regularly included Atari Club mail-order advertisements in lieu of traditional advertising:)

  • Mario Bros. (2600,5200)
  • 'More Sesame Street Fun From Atari' (includes 'Buy Three, Get This Free!' Kid's Controller offer)
  • Snoopy and the Red Baron
  • 'The Hits Of '83' (misc carts)
  • Pigs In Space (back cover)

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    Title: Atari Age Issue 10
    Month: November/February
    Year: 1983
    Publisher: The Atari Club
    Editor: Steve Morgenstern
    Pages: 36
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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