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Atari Age Issue 3

ISSUE: 3Content

This scan is currently missing the following content:

  • Full page Order Form (not to be confused with the short order form included on page 14)
  • Christmas themed Atari Club advertisement (full page order form reverse)
  • return envelope
  • Six page 'The Atari Club Christmas Catalog' supplement

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Cover Story:
You can win Fabulous Prizes by Solving the Mysteries of Four New Cartridges.


  • Inside Your Atari VCS Game Cartridge
    The internals of your Atari VCS Game Cartridge.
  • Cartridge Discounts
    Atari Age's announcement that all Atari Club members get discounts on Atari Game Cartridges.
  • Captain's Log
    The replacement for "From the Editor".
  • Game-Grams
    The letter section, slightly shrunken from Issue Two.
  • Atari International
    Atari-related news from the whole, wide world.
  • RealSports
    In Baseball, Football, and Volleyball editions!
  • Atari News
    New news from Atari itself.
  • Sneak Peeks
    From CES, on new VCS cartridges, and on the 5200.
  • Star Raiders
    Intergalactic combat like nothing you've experienced before!
  • "The Martians Have Landed"
    On Halloween night, 1938, a radio program on music is interrupted a number of times for special news bulletins on beings from Mars - panic spreads, but eventually it comes out that it was all a radio drama.
  • Solution Section
    To the Scavenger Hunt and See Shore Puzzle contest.
  • Atari Arcade Award Winners
    Atari VCS Game Program cartridges that won "Arkies" (awards given by Video magazine)
  • Atari Contest
    Seen in a Sign - create more words than anyone else out of the letters "A T A R I G A M E S"


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    Title: Atari Age Issue 3
    Month: September/October
    Year: 1982
    Publisher: The Atari Club
    Editor: Steve Morgenstern
    Pages: 16
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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