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Blip Issue 4

ISSUE: 4Content

Contents Page 1

Where The Joystick Leads Page 2-4
- In the future, computers will leave video games behind and become more fun in process. Article about "Why computers better than consoles".

Bubble Yum advert Page 5

Dona And The Toy Factory Page 6-8
- Here's the story of someone who isn't bugged by video games at all - Dona Balley, designer of Centipede.

Laverne And Shirley Page 9-11
- Cap beer bottles, bag boyfriends - it's all here in a video game that we hope we will never see.

Apple II & III Games Advert Page 12

BLiP Letters Page 13
- Readers tell to BLiP what's on their minds.

BLiP Tips I Page 14-15
- Baseball, our national pastime, as a video game. BLiP tells you which cartridges are hits, and which are just foul balls. Review of three Baseball games, from Atari, Mattel and Intellivision.

BLiP Tips II Page 16-18
- We get behind the wheel of Turbo, a new driving game that already has become king of the road.

Looking To The Future Page 20-21
- The story of Coleco company.

Find The Fake Page 22-24
- Three games were real, one was imagined - all four of them were weird.

Player's Choice Page 26-27
- Beef up your Atari with the Starpath Supercharger - stomp dragons, battle mutants, go frantic, and more! Also, information about some Starpath games.

Protect Our Children! Page 28-29
- Will the video game craze drive you crazy? Generations before have often ralled against the latest rages among kids.

BLiP Quiz Page 30
- A chance for you to let go of the joystick and exercise your powers of logic and reasoning.

1/2-Price Charter Subscription Offer Page 31

Fire! Fire! Page 32
- one page comix.

Journey from Bally Midway Advert Page 33

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    Title: Blip Issue 4
    Month: May
    Year: 1983
    Publisher: Marvel Comics
    Editor: Joe Claro
    Pages: 36
    Price: USA $1.00; Canada $1.25
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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