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Blip Issue 6

ISSUE: 6Content

Contents Page 1

Screen Magic Page 2-6
- Imagic is one of the hottest video games companies around. BLiP takes you on an exclusive tour inside Imagic headquarters.

One-Page Comix Page 7

BLiP Tips I Page 8-9
- River Raid arcade overview from Brian Scott.

BLiP Tips II Page 10-12
- Q*bert arcade overview and tactics from Mike Meyers.

Special 42 Cents Per Issue Offer Page 13

Front Runners Page 14-15
- Games that are hot, top scores and BLiP's player of the month.

Player's Choice Page 16-17
- Information about four new cartridges from Atari - Centipede, Demon Atack, Phoenix, RealSports Tennis.

Computer Games Page 19
- Better graphics and more action make superior games. Do computers have it all over video game systems?

BLiP Letters Page 20
- A sampling of questions and comments from readers.

News Blips Page 21-23
- "From Cookies To Computers", "Call My Agent", "Clowning Around With Video Games", "Something New On The Menu", "Mini-BLiPs" articles.

Where's The Software? Page 24-25
- The Atari 5200 could be great. Only one thing seems to be missing - a selection of games.

Hand-Y Games Page 26-29
- Cheers and applause! With these miniature electronic marvels, you can take it with you. Article about first LED and LCD hand-helds games.

1/2-Price Charter Subscription Offer Page 30

BLiP Survey No.2 Page 31-32
- Here's the second chance to tell BLiP what you think of BLiP - and to win yourself a prize.

Mappy from Bally Midway Advert Page 33

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    Title: Blip Issue 6
    Month: July
    Year: 1983
    Publisher: Marvel Comics
    Editor: Joe Claro
    Pages: 36
    Price: USA $1.00; Canada $1.25
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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