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ColecoVision Experience Issue 2

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(According to ColecoVision resource ColecoVision Zone, this Summer 1983 issue was distributed to only a limited number of subscribers.  It was eventually followed by a full distribution of the nearly identical Fall 1983 issue.  The Fall release contains more accurate information regarding the Coleco ADAM computer, among other edits.  Content page excerpts follow, with bullet lists and (notes) added for clarity:)


Introducing Adam - The Family Computer System!
Coleco's new computer brings state-of-the-art technology plus letter-quality printing to the home entertainment experience.  (by Steven S. Ross; five pages; includes Computer System Comparison Chart)

Profile: John Dykstra - Wizard At Work
Hollywood special effects star and multi-media master turns his talents to Coleco's world of computerized entertainment. (by Timothy Bay; three pages)

Super Game Packs
Coleco unleashes a powerful new breakthrough.  (by Timothy Bay; two pages; includes "Tomorrow's Games... Today!" sidebar)


A Letter From Coleco
Coleco expands the computerized entertainment experience. (one page; editorial by Alfred Kahn, Senior Vice President of Marketing)

ColecoVision News
Latebreaking info, promos and rave reviews. (1.33 pages; news stories:)

  • Coleco Hits The Fast Track! - Turbo Car Takes Checkered Flag (Formula Atlantic racing car converted to Turbo sit-down cabinet for electronics show exhibit)
  • At Your Service! - Coleco Lends an Ear (toll-free service number)
  • Video Games Win Presidential Seal of Approval (President Ronald Reagan and eye/hand coordination)
  • Coleco Unveils Gemini - Popular-Priced Video Game System Compatible With Atari 2600 VCS Cartridges (shown; Coleco Sound I Voice Module (VCS/Gemini) also discussed)
  • Zaxxon Game Of The Year (Video Review magazine award)
  • Imus Goes Ape Over Donkey Kong (WNBC Radio giveaway contest)

Questions and comments from you to us. (2/3rds page)

ColecoVision Video Club
Last chance for Charter Membership - plus exclusive V.I.P. Club Member gifts. (subscription card insert)


What's New?
Sneak Peeks at 6 new games plus colorful playfield previews. (two pages; capsule previews, most with screenshot)

  • Subroc by Sega
  • Destructor by Coleco
  • Tac/Scan by Sega
  • Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom by Sega
  • Time Pilot by Konami
  • Tarzan by Coleco

Hot Stuff & High Rollers
Best sellers, best players and upcoming games. (one page; top lists)

Guest Column: Isaac Asimov
Looking Ahead to the Year 2083 - The internationally famous author presents a though-provoking vision of the future. (one page)

Strategy Tips
Insider tactics from Coleco Pros Mark and Sue. (one page)

  • Space Panic
  • Pepper II
  • Cosmic Avenger
  • Space Fury
  • Donkey Kong Junior
  • Looping
  • Zaxxon
  • Blackjack Poker

Reader Tips
Fellow videogamers reveal success secrets. (one page)

  • Donkey Kong
  • Venture
  • Pepper II
  • Lady Bug
  • Mouse Trap
  • Gorf
  • Turbo

Answers and insights to improve your ColecoVision I.Q. (one page; Q&A)

The Coleco Challenge
A national video game competition open to all.  Winners meet head-to-head in the Big Apple. (one page; information request form)

Video Mart
Great new add-ons for your ColecoVision... and how to get 'em.

  • Broadening Your Horizon (IMS Beamscope TV lens)
  • Let The Good Times Roll (Roller Controller)
  • Nice and E-Z (G.A.M.E.S. E-Z Joystick (disk handle for ColecoVision controller))
  • Sound Sensation (Recoton Deluxe Stereo Sound Simulator)
  • A Gripping Experience (Super Action Controller)

On The Cover
Out from under wraps and coming to your this fall, Adam - The ColecoVision Family Computer System makes its debut!  See our feature story starting on page 8 for full details.

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    Title: ColecoVision Experience Issue 2
    Month: Summer
    Year: 1983
    Publisher: Coleco Industries Inc.
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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