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ColecoVision Experience Issue 4

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  • ColecoVision
  • Coleco Adam


(Content page excerpts follow, with bullet lists and (notes) added for clarity:)


War Games
Coleco video game designers discuss the complicated challenge of creating a cartridge from the hit movie. (three pages; by Timothy Bay)

The War Room
A peek inside the video game inner sanctum where Coleco designers test new games... and each other! (one page; by Marc Berman)

Biz Kids
Seven success stories about kids who have turned their computer skills into profits.  (three pages; by Timothy Bay)


A Letter From Coleco
Coleco sets new standards for the video game challenge.  (one page; editorial by Alfred Kahn, Sr. Vice President of Marketing)

ColecoVision News
Latebreaking info, promos and rave reviews.  (one page)

  • Coleco Cops Vid-Games Awards (various awards; Donkey Kong, Zaxxon, Donkey Kong Junior, Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle, Turbo)
  • Coleco And Scholastic Announce New Adam Computer Magazine (ADAM Family Computing magazine)
  • Donkey Kong At Harvard (video games endorsed as potential teaching tools)
  • Coleco Enters Dragon's Lair (Coleco granted home computer port license)
  • Ring! Ring!  Video Games Calling (AT&T, Coleco announce joint Coleco modem online service)

What's New?
Sneak Peeks at nine new games - plus colorful playfield previews. (three pages; first three titles categorized under "Super Game Packs For Your Adam Computer System," rest under "New Cartridges For Your ColecoVision Or Adam Computer System")

  • Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom Super Game by Sega
  • Donkey Kong Junior Super Game by Nintendo
  • Zaxxon Super Game by Sega
  • The Dukes of Hazzard by Warner Brothers, Inc.
  • War Games by MGM/UA
  • Super Action Football by Coleco
  • Front Line by Taito
  • Omega Race by Bally Midway
  • Stern's Frenzy

Hot Stuff & High Rollers
Best sellers, best players and upcoming games. (one page; top lists)

A conversation with eleven-year-old Rawson Stovall, author of the nationally syndicated "Vid Kid" video game review.  (one page; "Vid Kid: Rawson Stovall;" by Timothy Bay)

Strategy Tips
Helpful hints from Coleco Pros, Mark and Sue. (one page)

  • Mr. Do!
  • Subroc
  • Gorf
  • Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom
  • Time Pilot
  • Slither
  • Omega Race

Reader Tips
Fellow videogamers reveal success secrets. (one page)

  • Space Panic
  • Zaxxon
  • Lady Bug
  • Looping
  • Donkey Kong
  • Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle
  • Carnival
  • Space Fury

Answers and insights to improve your ColecoVision I.Q. (one page; Q&A)

Coleco Quiz
ColecoVision owner Jeffrey Hall's mind-boggling puzzle.  (one page; "ColecoVision Cartridge Word Search;" by Jeffrey Hall; word search puzzle)

Video Mart
Great new accessories for your ColecoVision... and how to get 'em. (two pages)

  • Quarter Flask (Nicoletti Productions' Video Coin Holder)
  • Clean Sweep (RSI computer care kit)
  • Double Your Fun (combination joystick and paddle controller)
  • Stashing The Goods (Recreational Products' Video Game Bench)
  • Kid Vid (Kid Vid system (shown), Kid Vid voice module (shown), Perma Power voice module adapter, pack-in software (some shown))
  • Packing It In (Classic Covers' ColecoVision branded back pack, barrel bag, shoulder pack)
  • Handi Controller (KY Enterprises' FingerTip Controller, one-handed controller designed for those with disabilities)
  • Soft Touch (Nancy & Company's Videomas Game Glove)

On The Cover
The new Coleco video game cartridge, WAR GAMES, will have you squirming in your seat just as the smash movie did.  See our feature story on page 10.

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    Title: ColecoVision Experience Issue 4
    Month: Winter
    Year: 1984
    Publisher: Coleco Industries Inc.
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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