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Computer Game Review Issue 40

ISSUE: 40Content




Initialize – Back Issues... by Steve Honeywell (editorial)

Postage Due (letters column)

  • Attacking the Mac...
  • A Grabbag of Comments...
  • Your Guess is as Good as Ours...
  • Outpostage...
  • 3DO...
  • Menu Driven...
  • Tours of Duty...
  • CGR = Melon...
  • Pleasing the Masses...
  • TIEing One On...
  • Megalomaniacs “R” Us...

Software Reviews (each 1 to 2 page review includes game overview, screenshots, and 3-member panel capsule reviews, each with commentary and score)

  • Lord of The Realm by Impressions Games
  • Zool 2 by Gremlin Graphics Software
  • TacOps by Arsenal Publishing
  • Battle Bugs by Dynamix
  • Lode Runner by Sierra On-Line
  • Front Page Sports Baseball by Dynamix
  • Cyclemania by Accolade
  • Battle Isle 2200 by Blue Byte
  • Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager by SSI
  • Soccer Kid by MicroLeague
  • Shadow of the Comet by I*Motion
  • Delta V by Bethesda Softworks
  • Ultimate Football by MicroProse
  • Wolf by Sanctuary Woods
  • Who Killed Taylor French? by Creative Multimedia
  • PGA Tour Golf 486 by Electronic Arts
  • NHL Hockey 95 by Electronic Arts

The Ghost in the Machine – Apple Computers

Hardware Reviews (each 1/2 to 1 page review includes hardware overview, photograph, and capsule review, each with commentary and score)

  • Phoenix Control System by Advanced Gravis
  • J-707S Speakers by Jazz Speakers
  • Flightstick Pro Mac by CH Products
  • F-16 Flight Control System by ThrustMaster

Add-ons & Alterations (each 1/2 to 1 page article includes overview, screenshots, but no review)

  • Greatest Paper Airplanes by Kitty Hawk Software
  • Links Bighorn by Access Software
  • Wild Blue Yonder by Spectrum HoloByte
  • Sharks by The Discovery Channel
  • Logicus Simulators by Logicrucible
  • Maniac Sports by Softwrare Toolworks

Child Support

  • Brain Quest by Swfte
  • Treasure Galaxy by The Learning Company
  • Vitsie, Lost & Found by GTE Interactive
  • Arthur, Harry & Monster by Broderbund
  • AnnaTommy by Mayo Clinic
  • Somebody Catch My Homework by Discis
  • How Things Work by Paramount Interactive
  • Archibald's Guide by Swfte
  • Around The World by EA Kids

Computer Confidential – Answers the Question Most Often Asked...

Dateline: Fandom – How to Commit the Perfect Fanzine...

In the Works – Christmas Comes But Once a Year...

Q&A with the Game Doctor – That Ever-Increasing Spiral of Technology...

CGR Previews (½ to 2 pages each, with overview, screenshots and tech specs)

  • Hammer of the Gods by New World Computing
  • Noctropolis by Electronic Arts
  • Blood Bowl by MicroLeague Interactive
  • Metal Marines by Software Toolworks
  • Dragon Lore by Mindscape, Inc.
  • Ultimate Haunted House by Microsoft
  • Blown Away by IVl Publishing
  • Dungeon Master II by Interplay
  • Death Gate by Legend Entertainment
  • Cyberwar by Sales Curve
  • Operation Europe by Koei
  • Rise of the Triad by Apogee

Painful Pleasures (Repetitive Stress Injury) by Steven Greenlee

CGR's Guide to Compute Warfare

  • Battle Isle 2200 by Accolade
  • TacOps by Alliance Interactive
  • Operation Crusader by Avalon Hill
  • Battle Bugs by Dynamix
  • Tigers on the Prowl by HPS Simulations
  • D-Day by Impressions
  • Global Domination by Impressions
  • Lords of the Realm by Impressions
  • Genghis Khan II by Koel
  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms III by Koel
  • Sabre Team by MicroLeague Interactive
  • X-COM by MicroProse
  • Iron Cross by New World Computing
  • The Grandest Fleet by QQP
  • Heirs to the Throne by QQP
  • WWII: Battles of the South Pacific by QQP
  • Kingdoms of Germany by Realism Entertainment
  • Vikings II by Realism Entertainment
  • Aegis by Software Sorcery
  • Fields of Glory by Spectrum HoloByte
  • Great Navel Battles II by SSI
  • The Great War by SSI
  • War in Russia by SSI
  • Wargame Construction Set 2: Tanks! by SSI
  • Carriers at War II by Strategic Studies Group
  • Gettysburg by Swfte
  • Harpoon II by Three-Sixty Pacific
  • V for Victory: Gold * Juno * Sword by Three-Sixty Pacific
  • Vlctorv at Sea by Three-Sixty Pacific

Dennis Hopper Goes to Hell

Thousands Appear in GENCON: The Gathering

Building a Dream, Byte by Bye

Strategies (Three pages of strategy per game)

  • Iron Cross by New World Computing
  • Alien Legacy by Sierra

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    Title: Computer Game Review Issue 40
    Month: November
    Year: 1994
    Publisher: Sendai Publishing
    Editor: Steve Honeywell
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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