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Computer Gaming World Issue 1

ISSUE: 1Content


  • From the Editor (EiC Russell Sipe declares it's high time somebody put out a mag devoted to computer gaming, so by golly they went and did it!)
  • Hobby & Industry News (Even in 1981, there was a burgeoning newsline for games!)
  • The Future of Computer Wargaming (Chris Crawford opines on what we can expect to see soon in the field of tabletop wargaming thanks to the computer, and why you must never copy disks, you pirates!)
  • Robotwar: A Wargame For All Programmers (William Edmunds explains the ins and outs of this unique single user, multi-player sim for the Apple II)
  • Computer Gaming World's Robotwar Tournament (Enter for your chance to win a trophy and a t-shirt!)
  • B-1 Nuclear Bomber: A Strategic Map (A helpful map and some remarks on strategy to help plan your sorties in this 1980 Avalon Hill game)
  • Air Force Mission Planning By Computer (It sounds like a video game, but the military is using computers to evaluate scenarios for upcoming missions)
  • The Greatest Baseball Tournament of All Time (CGW provides the stats, you run the games on your favorite baseball simulator, and submit the results to finally determine who's the best team in the league)
  • Initial Comments (Titles you'll see featured in coming issues)


  • Torpedo Fire (Apple II)
  • Crush, Crumble, & Chomp (Apple II/TRS-80)
  • President Elect (Apple II)
  • Dragon's Eye (Apple II/PET)
  • Eastern Front (Atari 400/800)
  • Mind Thrust (TRS-80 I/II/III)
  • Mission Escape (Apple II)
  • Odyssey (Apple II)
  • Reversal (Apple II)
  • Time Traveler (Apple II/TRS-80/PET)

Notable Stuff:

  • Is this a historical icon or what? The magazine which practically started computer gaming magazines just a few short years after the personal computer became a reality.
  • Russell Sipe hopes that CGW will "...become a forum for an intelligent dialog between gamers, designers, manufacturer, and retailers." Oh, to be that young and naive again... :)
  • The Hobby and Industry News section mentions Alkemstone, the first computer game to offer a treasure quest. Using clues within the game would lead one lucky winner to the real Alkemstone, and a $5,000 cash prize. No word on whether or not anyone ever found the stone though. Maybe it's still out there waiting to be claimed...?
  • Robotwar is an interesting type of game we don't see very much of any longer. It's essentially a "build-your-own 'bot" simulator, but you can also feed in other users' Robotwar programs and fight their bots against yours. From Software implemented something similar in their Armored Core series, and many classic wrestling titles come with a Create-a-Wrestler feature, but it's all too rare in this day and age.
  • A reference to Psalm 9:1-2 appears on the masthead, a tradition which continues with each subsequent issue of the magazine.
  • "Special thanks to Jim Steuard" appears on the masthead.

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    Title: Computer Gaming World Issue 1
    Month: November/December
    Year: 1981
    Publisher: Ziff Davis Media
    Editor: Russell Sipe
    Pages: 40
    Price: $2.75
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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