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Computer Gaming World Issue 10

ISSUE: 10Content


  • Close Assault: Review and Analysis (Bob Proctor's review of this strategy title)
  • Adventure Game Contest (Solving the crossword will require deep knowledge of adventure games, but there's a free subscription to CGW in it for the winners)
  • Computer Ambush: Review and Analysis (David Long examines this World War II infantry combat sim)
  • Pinball Construction Set (John Besnard tells you how awesome building your own pinball table can be)
  • When Superpowers Collide: Chapter 1 - The Battle for Central Germany (Germany 1985 reviewed by Major Mike Chamberlain)
  • Galactic Attack!: Sir-tech's Space Combat Game (Dick Richards shows how much fun planet-hopping can be)
  • Tele-Gaming (Patrica Fitzgibbons explores the world of gaming-by-modem)
  • The Name of the Game (Jon Freeman takes umbrage with companies who exist solely to rip off existing game styles for their own profit)
  • The Computer Baseball Leagues (Stanley Greenlaw compares SSI's Computer Baseball and Avalon Hill's Major League Baseball)
  • Chess 7.0: Review and Analysis (Can Odesta Chess 7.0 stand out from the competition in Floyd Matthews' mind?)


  • Inside the Industry (Dana Lombardy tracks the longest-selling computer games of the year)
  • Hobby and Industry News (What's coming soon, and what's gone by the wayside)
  • Taking A Peek (Quick looks at what's arrived in the CGW offices):
    • Double Trouble (Apple II)
    • A.E. (Atari/Apple)
    • Sky Blazer (Atari)
    • The Missing Ring (Apple II)
    • Spectre (Apple II)
    • Wizplus (Apple II)
    • New World (Apple/TRS-80)
    • Jumpman (Atari/C64)
    • Illustrated Computer Dictionary (Book)
    • Bellhop (Apple)
    • Championship Golf (Apple)
    • Suspended (Multi)
    • Miner 2049er (Apple)
    • Crime Wave (Apple)
    • Thunderbombs (Apple)
    • IFR Flight Simulator (Apple)
    • The Dark Crystal (Apple)
    • Police Artist (Apple)

    [*]The Silicon Cerebrum (Part 2 of Bruce Webster's Map Weighting article, continued from issue 8)

    [*]Atari Arena (Three action/arcade Atari games sit on Allen Doum's desk):

    • Survivor (Atari 400/800)
    • Astro Chase (Atari 400/800)
    • Wayout (Atari/Apple)

    [*]The Learning Game (Bob Proctor's in love with the logic-teaching Rocky's Boots for the Apple II)

    [*]Microcomputer Mathemagic (Dr. Michael W. Eckert serves up a series of number-guessing games)

    [*]Route 80 (Dick McGrath reviews Telengard from Avalon Hill)


    • Twerps (Atari/Apple)
    • Aztec (Apple)
    • Sherwood Forest (Apple II)
    • Computer Facts in Five (Apple II/Atari/IBM PC)
    • The Alien (Apple II)
    • Nautilus (Atari 400/800)
    • Necromancer (Atari 400/800)
    • Old Ironsides (Apple II)
    • The Blade of Blackpool (Apple II)

    [*]Reader Input Device #8

Notable Stuff:

  • The reference to Psalm 9:1-2 appears on the masthead.
  • According to Hobby and Industry News, Electronic Arts' first releases are right around the corner, and include Archon, M.U.L.E., Pinball Construction Set, and Murder on the Zinderneuf.
  • 'Tele-Gaming' and 'The Name of the Game', two new regular columns, make their debut this issue.
  • Jon Freeman walks a fine line with his column this issue, complaining that people who make clones of popular games are essentially thieves and assholes, while people who make games in a similar style as other games are doing nothing wrong.
  • Oops! Wayout is apparently for the 'Arari', according to the Atari Arena column.
  • Rocky's Boots was a whopping $75 ($176 in 2014 dollars) when first released!
  • Barry Schlossberg of Louisville, KY has won second place in the Star Maze contest. Still looking for a third-place winner though...

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    Title: Computer Gaming World Issue 10
    Month: May/June
    Year: 1983
    Publisher: Ziff Davis Media
    Editor: Russell Sipe
    Pages: 52
    Price: $2.75
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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