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Computer Gaming World Issue 41

ISSUE: 41Content

Special Christmas Shopping Guide


  • Wizardry IV: The Return of Werdna (Scorpia is gifted with the opportunity to beta-test one of the biggest CRPG's of the year, and pens her thoughts here)
  • Make Your Own Murder Party (James Trunzo reviews this application which allows you to create and host a murder party of your own based on two different plots ['The Big Kill' and 'Empire'])
  • Titans of the Computer Gaming World: Microprose (M. Evan Brooks picks up where Charles Ardai left off in this series showcasing the history of the software giants of industry)
  • Christmas Buyers Guide (What do you get a computer gamer this holiday season? Chances are, he or she will pick something off this list...)
  • Scorpion's Tale: Stationfall (The barbed one offers hints to get the most out of Floyd's return in this sequel to Planetfall)
  • The Ancient Art of War at Sea (Broderbund hoists the mainsails and loads the cannons, while Regan Carey provides the review for this seafaring battle sim)
  • A Buyers Guide to Joysticks and Mice (What hardware should you be using on your home computer? Howard Falk has some ideas he'd like to share)
  • Borodino: 1812--Napoleon in Russia (M. Evan Brooks likes what he sees from this Krentek Software offering)
  • Shadowgate: Inside the Castle Shadowgate (Tracie Forman Hines looks at the latest Microprose graphical adventure based off the engine used to develop both Deja Vu and Uninvited)
  • Deep Space: Operation Copernicus (David M. Wilson takes Sir-Tech's deep space combat simulator out for a test flight)
  • Leisure Suit Larry in The Land of the Lounge Lizards - The Slimier Things of Life (Roy Wagner's review of Sierra's controversial adult-themed graphical adventure)
  • Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It (This has to be Infocom's weirdest text adventure game, a game based around linguistic puns, idioms, and strange turns of phrase of the English language. Roy Wagner reviews a game that will appeal mainly to incorrigible punsters [don't incorrige them!] and fans of Monty Python-esque humour)


  • Taking a Peek:
    • Maniac Mansion (C64/Apple)
    • Paper Models: The Christmas Kit (Apple II/C64/IBM)
    • Top Fuel Eliminator (Apple/C64)
    • Mini-Putt (C64)
    • Pinball Wizard (Atari ST/IBM)
    • Beating the House at Blackjack (Apple/IBM/Mac)
    • Vegas Video Poker (Apple/IBM/Mac)
    • The Quarter Mile (Apple)
    • Delta Patrol (C64)
    • Hot and Cool Jazz (Amiga/Apple IIGS)
    • Sanxion (C64)
    • Arctic Antics (Apple/Atari/ST/C64/IBM)
    • Boulder Dash Construction Kit (Apple/Atari/ST/C64/IBM)
    • Rad Warrior (Apple/Atari/ST/C64/IBM)
    • Knight Orc (Apple/Amiga/ST/IBM/Mac)
    • Drug Alert! (Apple)
    • Gauntlet (Atari/ST/C64)
    • Paperboy (Atari/ST/C64)
    • The Sesame Street Crayon (Apple)
    • The Spy's Adventures in South America (Apple/IBM)

    [*]Reader Input Device

    [*]Game Ratings

Notable Stuff:

  • The reference to Psalm 9:1-2 appears on the masthead.
  • Paging the proofreaders: you misspell the sub-title of the biggest CRPG release of 1987 in your table of contents. "The Return of Wedna"? Are you kidding me, guys? It's the first bloody page of your mag! 'Werdna'. It's 'Andrew' spelled backwards. Who screws this up?!
  • Make Your Own Murder Party is sort of like Print Shop for adults. You create all the props on your computer, but you don't need the PC once you get the game underway.
  • It's fun to read Howard Falk's article on joysticks and mice and see just how far the industry has come since then.
  • Page 39 features an ad for Credit Card Christianity, the televangelism simulator. I cannot honestly tell if this is an ad for a real game or if it was intended as a parody/joke.

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    Title: Computer Gaming World Issue 41
    Month: November
    Year: 1987
    Publisher: Ziff Davis Media
    Editor: Russell Sipe
    Pages: 66
    Price: $3.50
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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