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Computer Gaming World Issue 5

ISSUE: 5Content


  • From the Editor (This is the fifth issue...what do you think?)
  • Letters (Two chatty readers send two chatty letters)
  • Hobby and Industry News (Keeping up with what's about to happen)
  • Initial Comments (Short statements on newly-received products)
  • The Warp Factor: Strategies For Winning Decisive Victories (William Edmunds responds to your distress call)
  • We're In The Money: Economic Simulations for the Apple (Bob Proctor drops four econ sims into the deathmatch arena to see who emerges victorious)
  • The Silicon Cerebrum (The second part of Bruce Webster's AI column geared towards computer war games)
  • Sneak Attack on Knight of Diamonds (Harry Conover delivers an uber-short story set in the world of Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord. With characters named Prospero, Kirk, Frenchy, Aikido, and Damien. I wish I was kidding...)
  • Atari Arcade (Bill Willett explains how Atari has made his life easier)
  • Real Gaming World (Dan Bunten's new column about being a game designer and improving gameplay)
  • Reader Input Device #3 (New questions for making a better magazine)
  • Results of R.I.D. #2 (So, what was hot and what was not?)


  • Rendezvous (Apple II)
  • Computer Stocks and Bonds (Apple II)
  • Wall Street (Apple II)
  • Cartels and Cutthroat$ (Apple II)
  • Conglomerates Collide (Apple II)
  • Controller (Atari series)
  • Pursuit of the Graf Spee (Apple II)
  • Starship Commander (Apple II)
  • The Captain 80 Book of BASIC Adventures (Book)
  • Horse Racing Classic (Apple II)
  • Dnieper River Line (Apple/Atari/PET/TRS-80)
  • Choplifter! (Apple/Atari)
  • Deadline (Multi)
  • BEX-MX (Apple II)
  • Guns of Fort Defiance (Apple II/TRS-80/PET/Atari)
  • Tsunami (Apple II)
  • Micro Golf (Apple II)

Notable Stuff:

  • Ugh...that purple cover font is almost unreadable against the background. Who let that happen?
  • The Psalm 9:1-2 reference appears on the masthead.
  • Who wrote that long Eastern Front strategy-filled letter, CGW? You neglected to print his/her name.
  • Good luck finding a copy of The Captain 80 Book of BASIC Adventures for anything less than $50 online these days. It's a badass compilation of program listings and tips for making your own games written by Robert Liddil.
  • Please stop publishing bad fan fiction, CGW...please, please, please...?
  • Dan Bunten later underwent a "pronoun change" as she referred to it in 1992, becoming Danielle Bunten Berry.

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    Title: Computer Gaming World Issue 5
    Month: July/August
    Year: 1982
    Publisher: Ziff Davis Media
    Editor: Russell Sipe
    Pages: 44
    Price: $2.75
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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