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Electronic Fun with Computers and Games Volume 2 Number 2

ISSUE: 14Content


  • Atari VCS - 2600 - Supercharger
  • Atari 5200
  • Atari 400 - 800 - 1200
  • Apple
  • Coleco ColecoVision
  • Commodore VIC-20
  • Texas Instruments 99/4A
  • Radio Shack TRS-80
  • IBM PC
  • arcade


(The following is loosely based on this issue's table of contents. Bullets lists and (notes) added for clarity.)

Special Reports

Future Fact/Future Fantasy: Artificial Intelligence - Mind out of matter by Frank Moldstad

Although you may suspect that a lot of people you know have only artificial intelligence, that's different. Even now, not-so-mad scientists are at work in their laboratories teaching machines to reason.

Now You See It... Now You Don't - Where did all those new products go? by Michael Blanchet and George Kopp

Many game and computer manufacturers have mastered the art of making things disappear. First you see pictures of a new product, then it's gone. Why does this happen and how? Hint: It isn't done with mirrors.

Gamer's Choice - Welcome to the Video Game Hall Of Fun

Yes, friends, the official results are finally in. We counted ballots until our eyes were red, until we dreamed of Donkey Kong Jr. and Necromancer, until even Visine wouldn't get the red out. But we did it. Here they are: the best of 1983 - the winners of the first annual Hall of Fun awards.

Regular Features

Crystal Castles and Gyruss: Warp in peace by Michael Blanchet

Gryuss could well have been called Vertigo if it had been directed by Alfred Hitchcock but it wasn't. Still you can get some strategy tips on this game and learn how to get the best of the one-eyed trees in Crystal Castles at the same time. What a bargain. (arcade game strategies)

Off The Beaten Trakball: A new-fangled Christmas by Randi Hacker

As a minor philosopher once said (and it is this saying that is largely responsible for keeping him minor) "If you don't move forward, well, what's the point?" Many Christmas traditions are medieval and need updating badly. Here are some tips from our "readers" on how to bring Christmas into the Computer Age. (humor)

Phil Wisell's Gamemakers: Moonduster - Jaron Lanier, maverick designer of notes interview by Phil Wiswell

There's nothing conventional about the game Moondust. This is not surprising. There's nothing conventional about its author, Jaron Lanier, either.

First Screening: Color Maze

Color me, fast. That's the object behind Gene Deutch's game Color Maze written for the unexpanded VIC-20. (reader submitted game design contest winner; includes program code)

Equipment Reviews

Computer Workout: Color me TRS-80 - The expandable, affordable Color Computer by Jules Gilder

When hackers refer to CoCo they don't mean Chanel Solitaire. They mean the TRS-80 Color Computer which is a rapidly becoming a major machine in the world of personal computers.

Game Reviews

('Joust one of those things;' game reviews with 1-5 joystick rating scale, most with "promo" screenshot; some reviews include "pro-tip.")

  • Joust (VCS)
  • Popeye (VCS)
  • Mr. Do (Col)
  • Sorcerer's Apprentice (VCS)
  • Fathom (VCS)
  • Escape From The Mindmaster (Col)
  • War Room (Col)
  • Party Mix (VCS with Supercharger)
  • Pole Position (VCS)
  • Q*Bert (Col)
  • Time Pilot (Col)
  • Berzerk (5200)
  • Zaxxon (Apple II)
  • Super Cobra (400,800,1200)
  • Save New York (C64)
  • Preppie/Preppie II (800,1200)
  • Spectre (Apple)
  • Lifespan (400,800,1200)
  • Starbowl Football (400,800,1200)
  • Mr. Cool (400,800,1200)
  • Aqua Run (PC)



A word from our editors. ('Christmas Fun' by George Kopp)

Letters to the Editors

We welcome your feedback. (reader mail)

New Products

The latest in equipment. ('How to get the sprite stuff')

  • Elcomp Computer Book ('The Apple In Your Hand')
  • Synetix Apple Sprite Board (SuperSprite board internal upgrade)
  • Championship Electronics Coleco Controller
  • Leading Edge Storage Units (computer disk, cartridge storage)


Got a question? We've got the answer. ('Mr. Do's diamonds aren't forever;' Q&A)

E.F.G. Times

You read it here first. (news section)

  • Solar Fox Makes Sunshine Pals (CBS Electronics sponsors Summer Carnival)
  • Quote of the Month
  • Monthly Contest (Demon Attack contest)
  • Give The Gift Of Gab (Voicebox Speech Synthesizer for VIC or C64)
  • Yippee Tea Time O! (UK Video Games Pentathlon)
  • Department of Corrections
  • Win A Trip To Epcot! (Kraft sponsors program design contest)
  • Program Programme ('The Software Express' software index guide)

Readers Tips (reader submitted tips & tricks)

Your hints for higher scores.

  • Tempest
  • River Raid
  • Front Line
  • Pepper II
  • Kangaroo
  • Star Wars
  • Q*Bert


An irreverent gazette of gaming news. ('Hamburger helper and shoot'em ups')

  • Don't Leave Home Etc.
  • Pac-Man River (He Just Keeps Rollin')
  • Space (Invaders) Savers
  • Cow (Key) Puncher
  • My Money Or Your Life

Top Ten (Home, Arcade, Computer top lists)

The hottest computer, home and arcade games.

Top Secret

The latest in gaming gossip. (rumors & speculation by The Fly)

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    Title: Electronic Fun with Computers and Games Volume 2 Number 2
    Month: December
    Year: 1983
    Publisher: Fun & Games Publishing Inc.
    Editor: George Kopp
    Pages: 108
    Price: $2.50
    Country: United States
    Language: English
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