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Electronic Game Player Issue 3

ISSUE: 3Content

This issue was graciously lent to Retromags for scanning by Coury Carlson from My Life in Gaming.

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  • Nintendo Famicom
  • Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Sega Master System
  • ColecoVision
  • Commodore 64
  • IBM PC
  • Amiga
  • PC Engine (news coverage)
  • arcade
  • pinball (leaderboards coverage)


(The following is a transcription of this issue's table of contents. (Notes) and bullet lists added for clarity.)


Top Ten ('Top Ten Games;' top list)

Insert Coin ('The Heat is On!;' editorial by Steve Harris)

Coming Soon (release calendar; games listed, none shown; working titles, typos purposefully retained)

  • June
    • Rambo (NES)
    • Bionic Commando (NES)
    • 1943 (NES)
    • Legendary Wings (NES)
    • City Connection (NES)
    • RBI Baseball (NES)
    • Double Dragon (NES)
    • Maze-Hunter 3-D (SMS)
    • Zillion II: The Triformation (SMS)
    • Parlour Games (SMS)
    • Monopoly (SMS)
    • Wonder Boy in Monster Land (SMS)
    • Space Harrier 3-D (SMS)
    • Alex Kidd - The Lost Stars (SMS)
    • Camerica Freedom Stick (joystick)
  • July
    • Ultima (NES)
    • Dr. Chaos (NES)
    • Jeopardy (NES)
    • Wheel of Fortune (NES)
    • Fighting Golf (NES)
    • Xenophobe (NES)
    • Gauntlet (NES)
    • Blade Eagle 3-D (SMS)
  • Aug.
    • Empire City (NES)
    • Xevious (NES)
    • Galaga (NES)
    • Titan Warrior (NES)
    • Street Fighter (NES)
    • Black Tiger (NES)
    • California Games (NES)
    • Indiana Jones (NES)
    • Iron Tank (NES)
    • Platoon (NES)
    • Bubble Bobble (NES)
    • Tecmo Baseball (NES)
    • Tecmo Bowl (NES)
  • Oct.
    • Predator (NES)
    • Zeta Gundum (NES)
    • Legacy of Wizard (NES) (Legacy of the Wizard)
    • Guardian Legend (NES)
    • Battlefields of Napolean (NES)
    • John Elway's Quarterback (NES)
    • Pac-Man (NES)
    • Master Blaster (NES) (Blaster Master)
  • Sep.
    • Zombie Hunter (NES)
    • Willow (NES)
    • Rampage (NES)
    • Robocop (NES)
    • Robowarrior (NES)
    • Racket Attack (NES)
    • Marble Madness (NES)
    • Guerilla War (NES)
    • Touchdown Fever (NES)
  • Also Coming Soon...
    • Mega Controller (NES)
    • Cobra Command (NES)
    • Seicross (NES)
    • Mag Max (NES)
    • Operation Wolf (NES)
    • SkyShark (NES)
    • Super Dodge Ball (NES)
    • Shanghai (SMS)
    • Reggie Jackson Baseball (SMS)
    • Walter Payton Football (SMS)
    • Alf (SMS)
    • Kenseiden (SMS)
    • Spy vs. Spy (SMS)
    • Golvellius (SMS)
    • Zero Fighter (SMS)
    • Shinobi (SMS)
    • Double Dragon (SMS)
    • Thunderblade (SMS)
    • R-Type (SMS)
    • Out Run 3-D (SMS)
    • Poseiden Wars 3-D (SMS)
    • Phantasy Star (SMS)
    • Miracle Warrior (SMS)
    • Lord of Sword (SMS)
    • Rambo 3 (SMS) (Rambo III)
    • Galaga
    • Xevious
    • Super Xevious
    • Marble Madness
    • Shinobi (SMS)
    • Thunderblade (SMS)
    • R-Type (SMS)
    • Double Dragon (SMS)
    • Out Run 3-D (SMS)

Press Start (news coverage)

  • You Ought To Be In Pictures (movie license discussion)
  • Gentlemen Start Your Engines (PC Engine; hardware, Power League Baseball, R-Type 1 shown)
  • Reading To Win (Japanese video game tip and strategy guide books; EGP to offer tip booklets in coming issues as well as traditional video game centered books)
  • Haven't I Seen You Somewhere Before? (Mastertronic's upcoming Arcadia Systems Super Select System; video game 'jukebox' arcade machine featuring a dozen pre-existing games)
  • Some Systems Never Fade Away (Telegames USA's ColecoVision games & support)

Interface (reader mail; not listed in this issue's TOC)

Gaming Gossip (rumors & speculation; by Quartermann)

Behind the Screens ('Behind the Screens at SNK;' interview with SNK President Paul Jacobs and National Sales Manager Linda Lavin)

Next Wave (arcade coverage; by Jeff Peters)

  • Atari's Vindicators
  • Romstar's The NinjaWarriors (sic; The Ninja Warriors)
  • Atari's Final Lap

Logon (computer coverage)

  • Coin-op companies promise hot summer lineup
  • Boot Camp (C64; review)
  • Contra (C64,PC; review)
  • Rush 'n Attack (PC; review)
  • The Awesome Arcade Action Pack Vol. 1 (Amiga; review)
    • Sidewinder
    • Xenon
    • Blastaball

APA International Scoreboard (high score leaderboards)

  • Coin-Op Games
    • Video Games
    • Pinballs
  • Home Games
    • Nintendo
    • Sega

EGP Comics (RoboWarrior comic)


A Closer Look at the Japanese Famicom System

Before the Nintendo Entertainment System there was the Family Computer system or Famicom.  This precursor to the American NES has dominated the Japanese video game market for years, with over 9,000,000 currently in the hands of hungry video fanatics across the Pacific.  Find out more about this system, how it differs from our NES, and see what games are available over there that may soon be selling over here.  Fantastic reading reprinted from The Game Machine, the U.K.'s leading gaming mag. ('Nintendo Family Computer' by Shintaro Kanaoya with additional material by Steve Harris; reprinted with permission from The Games Machine; includes 'A Look At Some Of The Hottest Famicom Games...' section; includes coverage of the following:)

  • Dragon Quest (the eventual Dragon Warrior)
  • Super Mario Bros. II (Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels)
  • Pac-Land
  • Galaga
  • Mickey Mouse (the eventual Mickey Mousecapade)

Mr. Joysticks!  An interview with Beeshu's Don Shulman

Meet Don Shulman, the man who has brought an abundance of quality joysticks and other peripherals to Nintendo, Sega, Atari and Commodore owners. ('Mr. Joysticks!'; interview commentary)

Taito Enters the Computer Software World

Taito America, the U.S. subsidiary of one of the world's leading coin-operated arcade game makers, has announced plans to release a whole line of popular Taito arcade hits in multiple computer formats. ('Taito Explodes Onto The Computer Scene...;' interview with Alan Fetzer)


The Pros and Cons of 3-D Gaming

Encouraged by recent advances in video game technology, three-dimensional games have taken a quantum leap ahead to reach true perfection.  Led by the Sega Master System and its incredibly true-to-life duplication of 3-D effects, these games are now firmly established as a new and exciting part of home gaming.  Get the complete story where 3-D has gone and where its going in this special report by Roger Sharpe. ('3-D Video Gaming'; includes sections 'Taking A Closer Look At The Sega-Scope 3-D Games...' and 'The Nintendo 3-D Question'; includes detailed coverage of the following:)

  • Maze Hunter 3-D (SMS)
  • Space Harrier 3-D (SMS)
  • Blade Eagle 3-D (SMS)


The Electronic Game Player Jumpin' Joysticks Give-Away

Here's a great opportunity to win one of the most fantastic new peripherals available for your Atari, Sega and Nintendo systems, Camerica's new Freedom Stick!  An incredible remote-control joystick that allows you to play game from almost anywhere in the room! ('The Electronic Game Player Jumpin' Joysticks Giveaway!!')


Homefront Previews

Another great new section in THE Computer and Video Game Resource!  Get exclusive sneak peeks at some super games for release in the NES later this year. (arcade screenshots sometimes shown)

  • Iron Tank
  • Predator
  • Gauntlet
  • Robowarrior
  • Bionic Commando
  • Legendary Wings
  • 1943 - The Battle of Midway

The Winning Edge

A new regular feature in Electronic Game Player!  Learn all of the latest tips, tricks, hidden bonuses, and secret power-ups, continues, and level selects!  Dozens of secrets that will help you improve your scores and impress your friends!

  • Contra (NES)
  • Super Xevious (NES)
  • Karnov (NES)
  • Super Pitfall (NES)
  • Ikari Warriors (NES)
  • Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road (NES)
  • Arkanoid (NES)
  • Gradius (NES)
  • Deadly Towers (NES)
  • Commando (NES)
  • Enduro Racer (SMS)
  • Quartet (SMS)
  • Gauntlet (NES?)
  • Spacer Harrier (SMS)
  • Space Harrier 3-D (SMS)
  • Fantasy Zone (SMS)
  • Action Fighter (SMS)
  • Black Belt (SMS)
  • Gunsmoke (Gun.smoke (NES)?)

The U.S. National Video Game Team Endorses

Once again the U.S. National Video Game Team lends their name to the best products available for the gaming enthusiasts.  Look at what joystick the team things are the best in this regular feature that only spotlights the very best.

  • Hot Stuff (Atari,Commodore joystick)
  • Iron Tank (NES)
  • Freedom Stick (NES,SMS,Atari,Commodore joystick)
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    Title: Electronic Game Player Issue 3
    Month: July/August
    Year: 1988
    Publisher: Sorjana Publications
    Editor: Steve Harris
    Pages: 64
    Price: $2.95, $3.95 Canada
    Country: United States
    Language: English
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