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Electronic Game Player Issue 4

ISSUE: 4Content


  • Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Sega Master System
  • Commodore 64
  • Atari 7800
  • PC Engine (CES coverage)
  • arcade
  • pinball


(The following is a transcription of this issue's table of contents. (Notes) and bullet lists added for clarity.)


Top Ten ('Top Ten Games;' top lists:)

  • Nintendo
  • Sega
  • Arcade

Insert Coin ('It Just Keeps Getting Better!;' editorial by Steve Harris)

Coming Soon (previews; b&w screenshots or promo pix with captions:)

  • Ghostbusters (NES)
  • Starship Hector (NES)
  • Millipede (NES)
  • Airwolf (NES)
  • Indiana Jones The Temple of Doom (NES)
  • Blades of Steel (NES)
  • Hudson Adventure Island (NES)
  • SImon's Quest: Castlevania II (NES)
  • Defender of the Crown (NES)
  • Mickey Mousecapade (NES)
  • Robowarrior (NES)
  • Hulk Hogan Wrestling (NES)
  • Titan Warrior (NES)
  • Golgo 13 (NES)
  • Joust (NES)
  • Ultima (NES)
  • Super Chinese Hero (NES)
  • Legacy of the Wizard (NES)

Press Start (news coverage)

  • No Strings Attached! (infrared wireless tech; Beeshu Ultimate Remote, Camerica Freedom Stick)
  • Flying With The Galaxy Force (Galaxy Force arcade game)
  • From Russia With Love (Tetris planned for NES release by Tengen)
  • Identity Crisis (USA Super Mario Bros. 2 not to be the same as the Japanese release)
  • Dressing To Win! (videogame themed t-shirts)

Interface (reader mail)

Gaming Gossip (rumors & speculation; by Quartermann)

Behind the Screens ('Behind the Screens at Konami;' includes 'Konami Contest Names "Top Gun"' sidebar)

Next Wave (arcade coverage; by Jeff Peters)

  • Atari's Toobin'
  • Williams' Banzai Run (pinball)
  • Sharp Image's Rough Ranger

Homefront (previews and reviews; review unless noted)

  • Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf (NES; preview)
  • Xenophobe (NES; preview)
  • Ghostbusters (NES?; preview)
  • Double Dragon (NES)
  • Rambo (NES)
  • Seicross (NES)
  • Racket Attack (NES)
  • Pac-Man (NES)
  • Ultimate (Beeshu joystick controller; NES,SMS)
  • Ice Hockey (NES)
  • Blaster Master (NES)
  • Shinobi (SMS)
  • Thunder Blade (SMS)
  • Phantasy Star (SMS)
  • Robotron: 2084 (7800)
  • Joust (7800)
  • Galaga (7800)

Logon (computer coverage)

  • Taito Continues Trend To Computer Software
  • Arkanoid (C64; review)
  • Alcon (C64; review)
  • Bubble Bobble (C64; review)
  • Stocker (C64; review)

APA International Scoreboard (high score leaderboards)

  • Coin-Op Games
    • Video Games
    • Pinballs
  • Home Games
    • Nintendo
    • Sega


Atari Plays to Win

Once holding a commanding profile in the electronic gaming spotlight, the Atari 2600 has failed to excite players in the shadows of the Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Master System. But Atari is now ready to play hardball against the new generation of gaming goliaths with their 7800 system. ('7800: The New Atari - Playing To Win!')

Dare to Compare

A great new column you'll find every month in EGP! It's summer and that can mean only one thing... BASEBALL! Bring out the boys and get ready for some of the hottest video baseball action available for play on your Nintendo Entertainment System! Special reporter Mike Myers provides in-depth analysis as four tough hitters step up to bat for your gaming dollar. Get a glance comparisons and hard-hitting ratings of four major contenders! ('Baseball;' by Mike Meyers; NES baseball game contrast & compare)

  • Bases Loaded
  • RBI Baseball
  • Baseball


Special Report From the CES

The bi-annual Consumer Electronics Show once again staged a successful preview of things to come from the electronic gaming superpowers! EGP takes you behind the scenes and provides an advance sneak peek at the games you'll be playing for the next twelve months as well as important developments that may change the way we all play video games at home. ('CES Spectacular!;' includes 'The 16-Bit Solution,' 'Chip Problems Strangle The Video Game Industry,' and 'P.C. Engine... Yes Or No?' sidebars)


The Electronic Game Player 'Win An Arcade Game' Contest

A fantastic video game give-away from your favorite video game mag! Match game screens with game titles and you would WIN an authentic coin-operated video game just like the ones you see in the arcade! Find out more about this super contest by blasting your way to page 15.

The Winners Corner

Learn about our latest contest winners and enter the "Save Your Allowance" sweepstakes - you could win a year's worth of games courtesy of your friends at EGP!


SCORE - How to Master Double Dragon

Learn the hottest techniques and super secret strategies of the U.S. National Video Game Team as they show you how to conquer the most talked-about game of the year! Find out how to attack each character, improve your scores, and complete each of the game's power-packed missions! Play like a pro and impress your friends with this special strategy feature! ('How to master Tradewest's Double Dragon' by Jeff Peters; arcade strategies)

Tricks of the Trade

Find out about the latest, most guarded gaming secrets anywhere! Champions from around the country show you how to use hidden tricks, level selects, and power-ups to your advantage! Valuable information that puts you in control of your game!

  • Metal Gear
  • Seicross
  • Iron Tank
  • 3-D World Runner
  • Rad Racer
  • Spy Hunter
  • Rambo
  • Trojan
  • Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
  • Choplifter
  • Thunderblade
  • After Burner
  • Quartet
  • Black Belt
  • Double Dragon
  • Tiger Heli
  • Aztec Adventure
  • Choplifter
  • Ghost 'N Goblins
  • Alex Kidd
  • Shinobi
  • Wanted
  • Out Run
  • Sky Kid
  • Space Harrier
  • Galaga '88 (arcade)
  • Thunder Blade (arcade)
  • After Burner (arcade)

Mark of Excellence

The most famous game players in the world, the U.S. National Video Game Team, introduce you to the latest favorites that have earned their coveted "Seal of Approval".

  • Gauntlet (NES)

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    Title: Electronic Game Player Issue 4
    Month: September/October
    Year: 1988
    Publisher: Sorjana Publications
    Editor: Steve Harris
    Pages: 80
    Price: $2.95 USA, $3.95 Canada
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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