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Electronic Games Issue 14

ISSUE: 14Content


  • Atari VCS - Atari 2600
  • Intellivision (news coverage)
  • Atari 400 - 800 - 1200
  • Apple II
  • Odyssey2
  • Odyssey3 (news coverage, never released)
  • ColecoVision
  • stand-alones
  • arcade
  • pinball


(TOC excerpts follow, with (notes) and bullet lists added for clarity)

Switch On! - Pirates and (Fellow) Travelers (editorial by Arnie Katz, discussing computer gaming piracy)

Electronic Games Hotline (news section)

  • Parker Grabs Two Hot Licenses (Q*bert, Popeye)
  • Intellivision's Keyboard Is Here!
  • Coleco, Atari Cross Swords (Atari v Coleco, Coleco v Atari lawsuits)
  • Atari Attacks Demon Attack (Atari sues Imagic over Intellvision Demon Attack)
  • O2 Upgrades To O3(O3 shown)
  • Introducing... The First Legal Enhancement (Pac-Man Plus; Pac-Man upgrade)
  • Grand Master Chess Really Moves (Milton Bradley's Grand Master chess stand-alone)
  • Massachusetts Town Bans Games!!! (Marshfield, MA)
  • The National Vanity Board (high scores)
  • The National Arcade Scoreboard (high scores)
  • E.G. Readers Pick Their Favorite Games (top lists)
  • EG Hosts Exec Round Table
  • TV Game Show Videogames (The Great Game Company plans game show VCS games; Family Feud, Jeopardy, Password, Tic-Tac-Dough, Joker's Wild, Wheel of Fortune)
  • E.G. Trivia (illustrated videogame title trivia; Atari, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong)
  • Pac-Man Invades Germany
  • Have A Coke And A Game (Coca-Cola plans to integrate videogames into vending machines)
  • Hospital Holds Videogame Day (The Activision Addicts videogame club sponsors hospital donations)
  • Prestige Challenger Breaking New Ground (chess electronic boardgame)

Readers Replay (letters column)

Programmable Parade ('Drive Forever on One Tank of Gas with Turbo;' console video game reviews)

  • Turbo (Col)
  • Mouse Trap (Col)
  • Wizard of Wor (VCS)
  • Amidar (VCS)
  • Attack of the Timelords (Ody)
  • Cross Force (VCS)
  • River Raid (VCS)

Computer Gaming ('Search the Sacred Aztec Temple for the Jade Idol, But Beware of the Guards!;' computer game reviews)

  • Aztec (Apple II disk)
  • Astro Chase (400,800)
  • Baja Buggies (400,800)
  • Monster Mash (Apple II disk)
  • Miner 2049er (Apple II disk)
  • K-Razy Kritters (400,800 cart)
  • Soccer (400,800)
  • Pogoman (400,800,1200)
  • Lovers Or Strangers (Apple II disk)

Articles of War ('Shoot 'Em Up in Space: Does it Live Up to its Name?' by Neil Shapiro; S.E.U.I.S. game overview/strategy/review)

Insert Coin Here ('Second Generation Centipede' by Ron Dubren; short author bio and Millipede arcade game review)



What do they play in Germany and which games are the most popular in London? Our reporter gets the facts when he goes Arcading Through Europe. ('Across a Continent with Joystick in Hand' by Les Paul Robley; includes 'Europe on 20 Quarters a Day' sidebar)

Everyone is talking about tracball controllers, but do you know what makes them tick? Secrets of the Tracball. ('Secrets of the Controller - Why Things Happen When you Push the Button' by Henry B. Cohen; discusses Button Clusters, Paddles, Tracballs)

Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and the other coin-ops that ruled the roast in 1982 are about to be joined by a whole new crop of pay-for-play marvel machines. Read all about them in the Players Guide To The New Coin-Op Games. (sections:)

  • Science Fiction: The Games of Tomorrow
  • The Coin-Op Adventure
  • Deluxing The Coin-Ops
  • Coin-Op Cuties!
  • On the Ground and in the Air... Driving & Flying Coin-Ops

First came HBO, Showtime and the other cable services. Now you can get games the same way Games Meet Cable. ('Home Videogames Meet Cable TV' by Tracie Forman; videogames delivered by cable; Mattel's Playcable, Atari/Time-Life venture, The Games Network; Coleco In-Room Video hotel rentals)

Is there a coin-operated game you've always wanted to take home with you? Find out how in Collecting Coin-Ops. ('How to Get Your Favorite from Game Room to Living Room' by Roger C. Sharpe)


You've Played Too Long When ('Video Mania;' tongue-in-cheek list of arcade addiction signs)

Coin-Op Classroom ('Stalking the Tomb of Tutankham' by Bill Heineman; game strategy)

Q&A (by the Game Doctor)

Stand-Alone Scene ('It's Turtle-Saving Time!' by Joyce Worley; stand-alone reviews)

  • Turtles (Entex handheld)
  • Jungle Adventure-Woodman, Samurai Vs. Ninja (Thumb Games; combo review; handhelds)
  • BB-10 Baseball Game Calculator/Clock (Casio; handheld)

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    Title: Electronic Games Issue 14
    Month: April
    Year: 1983
    Publisher: Reese Publications
    Editor: Arnie Katz
    Pages: 116
    Price: $2.95
    Country: United States
    Language: English
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