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Electronic Games Issue 32

ISSUE: 32Content


  • Atari VCS - 2600
  • Atari 5200
  • Atari computers - 800XL
  • Commodore VIC-20
  • Commodore 64
  • ColecoVision
  • Apple - II - II+ - IIe
  • PC - IBM PCjr
  • Coleco Adam
  • stand-alones
  • arcade


(TOC excerpts follow, with (notes) and bullet lists added for clarity)

Switch On! - The Game Of Love (editorial by Arnie Katz)

Hotline (news section)

  • Edu-Beat (edutainment software; Heathcliff, Compubridge; Random House's Peanut programs - Charlie Brown's ABC's, Peanuts Maze Marathon, Peanuts Picture Puzzlers, Snoopy's Skywrite Scramble, Snoopy to the Rescue - for C64; New Improved Mastertype; Spell Words!; Rhymes With!; Robot Odyssey I)
  • Senate To Stop Software Rentals (studying legislation to prohibit computer software rentals)
  • Fast Loader Speeds C-64 (Epyx Fast Load cartridge)
  • Avant-Garde Acquires HES
  • Software Beat (Jigsaw Joggle; Spinnaker's Trillium interactive computer adventures based on novels by well-known sci-fi writers - Amazon (Michael Crighton), Fahrenheit 451 (Ray Bradbury), Rendezvous With Rama (Arthur C. Clark), Dragonworld (Byron Preiss and Michael Reaves), Shadowkeep (Alan Dean Foster); Datasoft licenses Namco arcade games - Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Pole Position; Conan; On-Court Tennis; Mig Alley Ace; Sargon III, Word Challenge, The Holy Grail for Mac; Cyborg; Fortune Builder; Jumpin' Jimmy; Pro golf Challenge)
  • AT&T Gifts Universities ($32 million in computers)
  • Broderbund, Wico Team In Holiday Give-Away (buy any Broderbund game and Wico Command joystick, receive a free game)
  • Annual "Arkies" Ceremonies Draw Computer Biggies (discussion panel moderated by Bill Kunkel)
  • Commodore Chip Chomp Chafes Atari (Amiga purchased by Commodore, Atari sues)
  • Commodore Sponsors Charity Skate-A-Thon (March of Dimes Skate-A-Thon)
  • Hardware Beat (Tiger's Trivia Timer; Suncom's The Animation Station graphics tablet and cursor controller; Coleco disk drive for ADAM, ADAMLink Direct Connect Modem; Okidata's Microline 92 & 93 printers; EVE II Portable Computer; The Whiz Kid; Video Peripherals' Model HS 2 joystick base)
  • Animated Robots Star In Chipwits (Chipwits educational program)
  • Consumer Beat (Broderbund major investor in Synapse Software; Tom Lopez leaves Activision; Software, Inc. stores; computer college courses overburdened with applicants; Tech-Sketch light pen lowers price; Fidelity chess program second-place winner of Computing Material Tournament; Electronic Specialists' free catalog)
  • Quovadis Prize Is Sceptre, Cash (Sceptre prize to first computerist to complete QuoVadis)
  • Computer Barbie Wows Convention (Barbie Computer Activity Toy software)
  • Adventure Construction Set Builds Digital Dreamworlds (DIY game software)
  • New Survey Studies Computer Owners
  • Coming Events (calendar of events)
  • EG Readers Pick Their Favorite Games (top lists)

Readers Replay (letters column)

Instant Picasso

A survey of art programs and peripherals for the home computer. ('Put A Palette In Your Computer' by Brian Scott)

First Look At Commodore's Two New Micros ('Will Gamers Want These Systems?' by Iom Benford)



Action Arena (computer game reviews)

  • Dragon's Lair (Adam)
  • Impossible Mission (C64 disk,cassette)
  • Mr. Robot And His Robot Factory (Apple II disk)
  • River Raid (C64 disk)
  • Cavern Creatures (Apple disk)
  • Solar Fox (C64 cart)
  • Thunderbombs (Apple disk)
  • Targon-64 (C64 disk)
  • Flak (Atari,C64 disk)
  • Lost Tomb (Apple II disk)

Translations (port reviews)

  • Defender (Apple IIe disk)
  • Transylvania (C64 disk)
  • Dig Dug (Apple disk)
  • Boulder Dash (C64 disk)

Think Tank

  • Zenji (C64 disk)
  • Fortune Builder (Col, Adam cart)
  • Crime And Punishment (PCjr disk)
  • Fleet Feet (C64 disk)
  • Compubridge (Apple,Atari,C64 disk)
  • Bumblebee (C64 disk)

Passport To Adventure (computer game reviews)

  • Gwendolyn: Pursuit Of A Princess (C64 disk)
  • Pyramid (C64 disk)
  • Seastalker (disk)

Electronic Pressbox (Tournament Golf (Apple II disk) review)

Entertainments (entertainment software reviews)

  • Tales Of Adventure (C64 disk)
  • Break Street (C64 disk)
  • Story Maker (Apple disk)
  • King Cribbage (C64 disk)
  • Ranch (C64 cart)

Playing It Smart

  • Divex (Atari disk with BASIC cart)
  • Spelling, Grades 2-8 (Atari disk with BASIC cart)
  • Antonym Antics (Apple disk)

Articles Of War (Baltic 1985 (Apple II disk) overview/strategy/review)


Strategy Session ('Games Of Peace, Games Of War' by Frank Tetro Jr.; game strategies:)

  • Summer Games (C64 disk)
  • Beachhead (Atari,C64 disk)

Camps For Computerists

Tips and caveats for finding the right camp for your junior computerist. ('Here's What Every Parent - And Every Compukid - Needs To Know about Camps' by Stephanie Ferm; includes 'Computer Camp Checklist' sidebar)

Game Of The Month ('Tycoon Is One Hot Game Commodity')

Electronic England

An exclusive report on the micro-scene in Great Britain. (by Ted Salamone; 'EG Presents Its Exclusive, In-depth Report On The Current Electronic Gaming Scene Which Is Now Flourishing In The U.K.')

Mastering Raid On Bungeling Bay

Tracie Forman shares her strategies for a successful attack on the Bungeling Empire. ('Secrets Of The Bungeling Empire - Revealed!')

Programmable Parade ('Videogames Aren't Dead Yet - And Here Are Some Good Reasons Why;' console videogame reviews)

  • Cabbage Patch Kids: Adventures In The Park (Col)
  • Super Action Baseball (Col)
  • Private Eye (2600)
  • Mario Brothers (5200)
  • Aquattack (Col)
  • River Raid (Col)
  • Defender (Col)

Insert Coin Here ('Karate Champ: New Coin-Op Kicks' by Bill Kunkel; Karate Champ arcade game review)

New Products

  • Fingerprint Graphic Printer Interface (Apple II,II+,IIe)
  • Microneye (C64,Apple II,II+,IIe,PC)
  • Tech-Sketch Light Pen (C64)

Arcade America (by David Lustig)

Q&A ('The Doc On "Doctored Playfields' by The Game Doctor)

Things To Do While The Commodore Loads

Tongue-in-cheek suggestions for dealing with the foibles of the C-64. ('Killing Time with America's Favorite Microcomputer' by Arnie Katz)

Stand-Alone Scene ('Large or Small, Stand-Alones Are Ideal For Solo Play' by Joyce Worley; stand-alone reviews, each with 'How It Plays' control section)

  • Sky Invaders (Hattori & Co.; handheld)
  • Backgammon Challenger (Fidelity Electronic; electronic boardgame)

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    Title: Electronic Games Issue 32
    Month: February
    Year: 1985
    Publisher: Reese Publications
    Editor: Arnie Katz
    Pages: 84
    Price: $2.95
    Country: United States
    Language: English
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