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Electronic Games Issue 7

ISSUE: 7Content


  • Atari VCS - Atari 2600
  • Entex Select-A-Game (ESAG)
  • Arcadia 2001 (news coverage)
  • Mattel Intellivision
  • Atari 400 - 800
  • Apple II
  • Odyssey2
  • Astrocade
  • stand-alones
  • arcade
  • pinball


(TOC excerpts follow, with (notes) and bullet lists added for clarity)

Switch On! - The Gamers' Bill of Rights (editorial by Arnie Katz; suggests videogame quality standards, and announces new 'Pinball Palace' column planned for future issues)

Electronic Games Hotline (news section)

  • Emerson Unveils Arcadia 2001
  • Arcadia Unveils VCS Upgrade (Supercharger)
  • Pac-Man Reigns Supreme (top video games)
  • Tiger Roars (upcoming Tigervision games for VCS)
  • Simon Champ Earns $10,000 (Frank Modic, winner, United States Simon Championship)
  • Move Over Tron (Superman III movie rumors)
  • Trottier Sweeps Electronic Stanley Cup (Ice hockey players play Ice Hockey game)
  • Activision Close-Up (Activision planning Intellivision games)
  • Electronic Games' Picked Hits (Top lists)

Readers Replay (letters column)

Q&A (by the Game Doctor)

Test Lab

The joys of interference free aren't as far out of reach as you might think. ('Getting into Direct Video' by Henry B. Cohen; improving video quality by upgrading from RF to composite)

Better Control For Your Games

It don't mean a thing if your controller has no zing. Improve your play and increase enjoyment with these special command input devices. (by Bill Kunkel; a look at video game and computer game controllers)

Strategy Session

Our home arcading champion gives pointers on popular cartridges. ('Gobbling Points with Pac-Man' by Frank Tetro Jr.; strategies for the following:)

  • Pac-Man (VCS)
  • Astrosmash (Int)
  • Shooting Gallery (800 cassette,disk)

Inside Gaming

Here's the whole story of Edu-Ware's The Prisoner from designer David Mullich. ('From Computer-Hater to Game Designer' by Steve Davidson; discussion commentary with David Mullich)

Feature - Pop Culture Meets Electronic Gaming

They're making games out of movies and movies out of games. (Movie Stars, Superheroes Go Arcading!' by The Editors of Electronic Games; commentary discussing licensed games)

Special Section - The Players Guide To Electronic Maze Games

The lure of the labyrinth is proving irresistible to most arcaders. Here's a rundown on the best. (commentary discussing maze-style games; collection of related articles:)

  • Run, Run, Run, Until You Turn The Tables!
  • Shoot-Out in the Labyrinth
  • The Secret Mazes!
  • Coin-Ops Capitalize On Mazemania!

Computer Playland

A probing look at the newest games for popular microcomputers. ('Prevent a Mid-Air Tragedy;' computer game reviews:)

  • Controller (400,800 disk)
  • Guardian (Apple II)
  • Snake Byte (Apple II)
  • Graf Spee (Apple II)

Insert Coin Here

EG's critic gives his verdict on Robotron, Fantasy and Loco Motion - and takes a second peek at Zaxxon. ('Enter the Robotron!' by Bill Kunkel; arcade game reviews:)

  • Robotron
  • Loco Motion
  • Fantasy
  • Zaxxon ('Zaxxon Revisited')

Arcade America

It's gaming in paradise - a trip to Hawaii's fanciest commercial arcade. ('Visit a Tropical Fun Factory' by David Lustig)

Passport To Adventure

Kabul Spy sends would be agents on a "mission impossible" to the mysterious land of Afghanistan. ('The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of... Danger!' by Steve Davidson; review of Kabul Spy (Apple II disk))

Coin-Op Classroom

If you've mastered Defender, how about its sequel, Stargate? ('Save the Humanoids in Stargate!' by Bill Heineman; strategies)

Games Library (book review; 'Video Games - A Winner's Guide to the 12 Hottest Coin-Op Games' by Joyce Worley)

Feature - The Illustrated History Of Pinball

From the original bagatelle to the hot flipperless tables and hybrids. ('Sixty Years of Coin-Op Thrills' by Roger C. Sharpe)

Mini-Arcade Gallery

Enter the world of programmable stand-alone games. ('Software for the Entex Select-A-Game' by Joyce Worley; game reviews:)

  • Baseball 4 Cartridge (ESAG)
  • Pinball Cartridge (ESAG)

Oh! Oh! Othello!

You'll flip over the electronic versions of this fast-paced disk-flipping contest. (by Joyce Worley)

Programmable Parade

Our paif (sic) of videogame experts weighs the best - and worst - of the new videogame cartridges. ('Three, Three, Three Games in One!' by Arnie Katz and Bill Kunkel; video game reviews:)

  • Triple Action (Int)
  • Space Jockey (VCS)
  • Chopper Command (VCS)
  • The Incredible Wizard (Astro)
  • Freedom Fighter (Ody2)

Stand-Alone Scene (by Joyce Worley)

  • Arcade-Time (GCE game watch (shown))
  • FT-7 Fortune Teller (Casio calculator)
  • Head-To-Head baseball (Coleco stand-alone)
  • Cosmic Combat (Tomy stand-alone (shown))

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    Title: Electronic Games Issue 7
    Month: September
    Year: 1982
    Publisher: Reese Publications
    Editor: Arnie Katz
    Pages: 100
    Price: $2.95
    Country: United States
    Language: English
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