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Electronic Games LC2 Issue 24

ISSUE: 24Content


Sega Genesis
Sega CD
Project Reality (the eventual Nintendo 64)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Windows - Windows CD-ROM
Macintosh - Macintosh CD-ROM


(TOC transcription follows, with (notes) and bullet lists added for clarity.)

EG's annual Fall and Winter preview
The EG team reveals the hottest products, trends, and developments introduced at the '94 Chicago CES, including the pick of the hits for the coming year. (collection of related articles:)

  • EG's Fall/Winter Preview - Here Come The Next Big Things!
  • EG Presents: The Next Hits - The Best Interactive Experiences for Fall and Winter
  • Summer CES Round Up - The High Spots and Sputters of Gaming's Biggest Show



  • Blockbuster's Blockbuster - Blockbuster goes for golden slice of the interactive pie
  • Turning Over A New Leaf (more Blockbuster commentary)
  • Once Around The Blockbuster With Barry Friedman (yet more Blockbuster commentary)
  • Star Power Headlines Games
  • Sega Knuckles Up
  • Nintendo Makes Zoo A-Peel
  • Polls Predict Multimedia Boom
  • Scorpions Rock For Soccer
  • Airplane Lands On Toaster
  • Top Video Games - June 1994
  • Top Software - May 1994
  • Have We Got The Deals For You...
    • Biz-Deals
    • Edu-Deals
    • Distri-Deals
  • Nintendo Changes Rules
  • Stock Watch - Interactive Entertainment On Wall Street
  • Nintendo Lightens Up
  • 'Not Too Bad' Says Koei Rep
  • Compton's New Media
  • Patent Problems
    • Programming for Speed
    • Problems keep going and going...


Power On!
You say you want a revolution? Well look no further - great new products revealed at CES. ('You Say You Want A Revolution;' editorial by Arnie Katz)

Playability more important than secrets? Is the Great Game Crash II due? One writer hopes so. (reader mail; 'Arcade Video Death Revisited')

Game Doctor
What's up with the game Dueling Firemen? Can game cartridge batteries be replaced? ('Sega Channel Update' by The Game Doctor)

Test Lab
Searching for big screen excitement at an affordable price? Use your TV as a monitor! ('Use Your TV As a Computer Monitor;' The Presenter Plus/II, TV Game Plus)

Making the NET "cool" will take a lot, but Total Entertainment Network is up to the task. ('Total Entertainment Network;' includes 'Sonic Dissonance: Searching for music In The Digiverse' sidebar)

The Kunkel Report
Nintendo hurriedly enters the Quest for Cool. ('The Quest for Cool' by Bill Kunkel)


Super System Race
The corporate battle to dominate the next generation of electronic gaming. Will it be Sega, Nintendo, or maybe even Sony? ('The Race Begins! - Which Systems Will Rule the Digiverse?;' collection of related articles:)

  • Super-System Free-for-all - 3DO vs. Atari vs. Nintendo vs.Sega vs. Sony (by Arnie Katz)
  • Sega's X Machine - Waiting for the "X" Factor to begin (by Bill Kunkel; includes 'Why Saturn is Not Rising Over America' sidebar)
  • 3DO Fights Back - From Industry Darling to Pariah-and Back Again! (by Arnie Katz; includes '3DO's Performance Problem' sidebar)
  • Project Reality Gets Real - Nintendo Announces the Ultra 64 Back Again! (by Arnie Katz; includes 'A Trip on the Rambus' sidebar)

The Lion King Cometh
The process in which a major Disney motion picture becomes a major Disney video game. ('Disney's The Lion King;' by Laurie Yates)


Cartridge (cart/card video game reviews; includes 'The Final Grade' sidebar featuring review scores for games not (usually) listed here)

  • Bubsy II (SNES; includes 'Bubsy II Play Notes' sidebar (discussion with producer Cyndi Kirkpatrick)
  • The Death and Return of Superman (SNES: includes 'Behind The Steel' sidebar (discussion with designer Dan MacArthur)
  • Jammit (SNES)
  • Ballz! (Gen)
  • Battletech (Gen)
  • Aerobiz Supersonic (SNES)
  • Maximum Carnage (SNES)
  • Super Adventure Island II (SNES)

(capsule cart/card reviews:)

  • Art of Fighting (Gen)
  • Fighter's History (SNES)
  • The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie (SNES)
  • Jungle Book (Gen)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation (Gen)
  • Sylvester & Tweety in Cagey Capers (Gen)

Disk (disk computer game reviews; includes 'The Final Grade' sidebar featuring review scores for games not (usually) listed here)

  • Kingmaker (MSDOS; includes 'Beheaded' sidebar)
  • Deliverance (Mac)
  • Beauty and the Beast: Be Our Guest (MSDOS)
  • X-Com UFO Defense (MSDOS)
  • Harpoon II (MSDOS; includes 'From Black-and-White To Grey' sidebar)
  • Empire Soccer '94 (MSDOS; includes 'Choose Your Genre' sidebar)

(capsule disk reviews:)
  • Lamborghini American Challenge (PC)
  • Theme Park (PC)
  • Prehistorik 2 (PC)
  • Star Wars: Tie Fighter (PC)
  • Serf City: Life Is Feudal (PC)
  • Crossword Wizard (Win)

CD-ROM (CD computer and video game reviews; includes 'The Final Grade' sidebar featuring review scores for games not (usually) listed here)

  • Return to Zork (MacCD; includes 'Many Happy Returns' sidebar)
  • Inca II (MSDOS CD)
  • Brutal: Paws of Fury (SCD)
  • Shock Wave (3DO)
  • Outpost (PCCD; includes 'Teach Your AI Well' sidebar)

(CD capsule reviews:)
  • Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out (PCCD)
  • Astrology Source (WinCD,MacCD)
  • Spaceship Warlock (WinCD,MacCD)
  • PharmAssist (PCCD)

(includes 'Cyber School - Three-Year Study Proves High-Tech Teaching Helps Kids Do Better in School' sidebar)

  • World Beat (PCCD)
  • The Cat Came Back (WinCD)
(Edutainment capsule reviews:)
  • 3-D Body Adventure (PCCD)
  • Little Monster At School (PCCD,MacCD)
  • The Wanderoos Go Exploring (PCCD,MacCD)
  • The Family Doctor, 3rd Edition (PCCD,MacCD)
  • The Adventures of Nikka (PCCD)
  • Eagle Eye Mysteries: The Original (PCCD,MacCD)
  • Where in Space Is Carmen Sandiego? (MacCD)

Print (book reviews; includes 'Media Watch' sidebar)

  • Alone In The Dark: The Official Strategy Guide (authored by Johan Robson under direction of Hubert Chardot & Bruno Bonnell)
  • Behind The Scenes At Sega: The Making of a Video Game (authored by Nicholas Lavroff)
  • Fear of Computers (authored by Michael Cohn)

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    Year: 1994
    Publisher: Decker Publications
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