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Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 142

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Letters to the Editors

Press Start: Virtua Fighter 4 (Arcade/PS2), Interview with Nintendo Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications George Harrison, Saving Samus (The history of Metroid on the GameCube with Retro Studios), Developer Profile on Metro House, Cinemaware rises from the ashes, Now You’re Playing with Plastic (upcoming action figures from video games), uartermann Game Gossip & Speculation, Coming Soon, Best Selling Games of January 2001


·         Hundred Swords (Dreamcast, Japan only release)

·         Crazy Taxi 2 (Dreamcast)

·         Floigan Brothers (Dreamcast, released as Floigan Bros. Episode 1)

·         Segagaga (Dreamcast, Japan only release)

·         Ooga Booga (Dreamcast)

·         Metal Gear Solid 2 (PS2, released as Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty)

·         Zone of the Enders (PS2)

·         Grand Theft Auto 3 (PS2)

·         Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance (PS2)

·         The Legend of Alon D'ar (PS2)

·         Dead to Rights (PS2)

·         Rumble Racing (PS2)

·         Project Eden (PS2)

·         Test Drive (PS2)

·         Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero (PS2)

·         Tsugunai (PS2, released in NA as Tsugunai: Atonement)

·         Red Faction (PS2)

·         Gauntlet Dark Legacy (PS2)

·         Batman (PS2, released as Batman: Vengeance)

·         Prisoner of War (PS2, Euro only release as World War II: Prisoner of War)

·         Guitar Man (PS2, released in NA as Gitaroo Man)

·         Shadow Hearts (PS2)

·         Maken Shao (PS2, Japan/Euro only release)

·         Remote Control (PlayStation)

·         Wendell (PlayStation)

·         Crazy Horse (PlayStation)

·         Crispin’s Quest (PlayStation)

·         Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX (PlayStation)

·         Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth (PlayStation)

·         Volfoss (PlayStation, Japan only release)

·         Arc the Lad Collection (PlayStation)

·         Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge (PlayStation)

·         New Legends (Xbox)

·         Halo (Xbox)

·         Wiggles (Xbox, never released)

·         Rayman (Game Boy Advance)

·         F-Zero Advance (Game Boy Advance, released as F-Zero: Maximum Velocity)

·         Heart of Darkness (Game Boy Advance, never released)

·         Wild Riders (Arcade, Japan only release)

·         Air Trix (Arcade, Japan only release)

Crash Landing (feature on the upcoming Crash Bandicoot game, released as Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex)

See You Online (feature on online console gaming)

Review Crew:

·         Charge ‘N Blast (Dreamcast)

·         Daytona USA (Dreamcast)

·         Iron Aces (Dreamcast)

·         Sega Smash Pack Volume 1 (Dreamcast)

·         Unreal Tournament (Dreamcast)

·         Worms World Party (Dreamcast)

·         Conker’s Bad Fur Day (Nintendo 64)

·         High Heat Major League Baseball 2002 (PlayStation)

·         Strikers 1945 (PlayStation)

·         Toy Story Racer (PlayStation)

·         Triple Play 2001 (PlayStation)

·         Ford Racing (PlayStation)

·         Vanishing Point (PlayStation)

·         NBA ShootOut 2001 (PS2)

·         Ring of Red (PS2)

·         Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 (PS2)

·         Unison (PS2)

·         Warriors of Might & Magic (PS2)

·         Adventures of Cookie & Cream (PS2)

·         NBA Hoopz (PS2)

·         Toki Tori (Game Boy Color)

Tricks of the Trade:

·         Rayman 2: Revolution (PS2)

·         ATV Offroad Fury (PS2)

·         Knockout Kings 2001 (PS2)

·         Oni (PS2)

·         Star Wars Starfighter (PS2)

·         Sega Smash Pack Volume 1 (Dreamcast)

·         Pokémon Gold/Silver (Game Boy Color)

·         Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 (PlayStation)

·         WWF No Mercy (Nintendo 64)

·         Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (PlayStation)

·         Super Mario Bros. DX (Game Boy Color)

·         Tomb Raider Chronicles (Dreamcast)

·         Excitebike 64 (Nintendo 64)

·         San Francisco Rush 2049 (Nintendo 64)

·         Colin McRae Rally 2.0 (PlayStation)

·         NASCAR 2001 (PlayStation)

·         Spyro: Year of the Dragon (PlayStation)

·         Tomb Raider Chronicles (PlayStation)

·         102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue (Game Boy Color)

Phantasy Star Online Addict

Next Month

Final Word

Note:  In the Previews section, Remote Control, Wendell, Crazy Horse & Crispin's Quest are all fan created games with RPG Maker for a contest that EGM was running at the time.

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