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Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 144

ISSUE: 144Content


Letters to the Editors

Press Start: Gaming News

Q-Man Gossip


  • Crazy Taxi 2 (Dreamcast)

  • Phantasy Star Online V.2 (Dreamcast)

  • Animal Forest (Nintendo 64)

  • Half-Life (PS2)

  • Twisted Metal: Black (PS2)

  • Gran Turismo 3 A-spec (PS2)

  • James Bond in Agent Under Fire (PS2)

  • Time Crisis 2 (PS2)

  • Vampire Night (PS2)

  • Herdy Gurdy (PS2)

  • Thunder Strike: Operation Phoenix (PS2)

  • Stretch Panic (PS2)

  • Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (PlayStation)

  • Final Fantasy Chronicles (PlayStation)

  • Shrek (Xbox)

  • Mad Dash Racing (Xbox)

  • Nocturne 2 (Xbox)

  • Azurik: The Rise of Perathia (Xbox)

Game Boy Advances - Feature on the Game Boy Advance

  • Reviews for the following games: Super Mario Advance, ChuChu Rocket!, Earthworm Jim, Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, Super Dodge Ball, Rayman Advance, Army Men Advance, Bomberman Tournament, Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure, Pinobee: Wings of Adventure, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, Iridion 3D, F-Zero Maximum Velocity, Konami Krazy Racers, Top Gear GT Championship, GT Advance Championship, Ready to Rumble Round 2, Firepro Wrestling, Tweety & The Magic Jewels, Namco Museum

  • Previews for: Magical Vacation, Final Fight One, Super Street Fighter II, Mega Man Battle Network, Mario Kart Advance, Golden Sun, Breath of Fire I, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, High Heat Major League Baseball 2002, Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles, Klonea: Empire of Dreams, Lady Sia, Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX, Monster Rancher 2 GO, Pac-Man Collection, Fortress, Spider-Man: Mysterio's Menace, Tetris Worlds, X-Men: Reign of Apocalypse, Dark Arena, Sonic Advance

EGM's BIG Summer Movie Double-Feature Feature

Review Crew:

  • 18 Wheeler (Dreamcast)

  • Confidential Mission (Dreamcast)

  • Giga Wing 2 (Dreamcast)

  • Mars Matrix (Dreamcast)

  • Spider-Man (Dreamcast)

  • Dr. Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)

  • Mario Party 3 (Nintendo 64)

  • Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX (PlayStation)

  • MLB 2002 (PlayStation)

  • Spec Ops: Ranger Elite (PlayStation)

  • Red Faction (PS2)

  • Cool Boarders 2001 (PS2)

  • Dark Cloud (PS2)

  • Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (PS2)

  • MTV Music Generator 2.0 (PS2)

  • Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero (PS2)

  • Crazy Taxi (PS2)

  • KISS Pinball (PlayStation)

Tricks of the Trade:

  • Spider-Man (Dreamcast)

  • All-Star Baseball 2002 (PS2)

  • Army Men: Air Attack 2 (PS2)

  • MDK2: Armageddon (PS2)

  • Metal Gear Solid 2 (Trial Edition) (PS2)

  • Onimusha: Warlords (PS2)

  • Wild Wild Racing (PS2)

  • Winback: Covert Operations (PS2)

  • Unreal Tournament (Dreamcast)

  • Pokémon Gold/Silver (Game Boy Color)

  • Mario Tennis (Game Boy Color)

  • Star Wars: Starfighter (PS2)

  • Knockout Kings 2001 (PS2)

  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (PlayStation)

  • Conker's Bad Fur Day (Nintendo 64)

  • Dr. Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)

  • Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (Nintendo 64)

  • Army Men: Air Attack 2 (PlayStation)

  • Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear (PlayStation)

  • Crazy Taxi (Dreamcast)

  • Cool Boarders 2001 (PlayStation)

  • Twisted Metal 4 (PlayStation)

  • Supercross (PlayStation)

  • Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (Game Boy Advance)

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The Final Word

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