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Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 189

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Press Start: PSP’s US debut, EA gets exclusive rights to the NFL and NFL Players Inc. rights for video games, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (GameCube), EGM International, Larger then Life (Gaming using a projector), Cold Fear (PS2, Xbox), Afterthoughts on Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (Xbox), Wrestlemania 21 (Xbox), Guide to the upcoming next-generation consoles, Last Action Heroes (God of War (PS2), Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening (PS2), Raise of the Kasai (PS2)), Online this month, GTA: San Andreas heading to Xbox, Countdown to 200: 10 Best Multiplayer Games, The Rumor Mill, The Hot 10, Coming Soon

The EGM 2004 Year of The Game Awards

Welcome to the Family: The Godfather (PlayStation 2, Xbox)


·         NBA Street V3 (PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube)

·         The Punisher (PlayStation 2, Xbox)

·         Winning Eleven 8 (PlayStation 2, Xbox)

·         Shadow of Rome (PlayStation 2)

·         Sega Classics Collection (PlayStation 2)

·         Nanobreaker (PlayStation 2)

·         Death by Degrees (PlayStation 2)

·         Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits Von Gut Und Bose (PlayStation 2)

·         Champions: Return to Arms (PlayStation 2)

·         Shining Tears (PlayStation 2)

·         Tenchu: Fatal Shadows (PlayStation 2)

·         Ys: The Ark of Napishtim (PlayStation 2)

·         Street Fighter Collection (Xbox)

·         Tork: Prehistoric Punk (Xbox)

·         Gungriffon: Allied Strike (Xbox)

·         Phantom Dust (Xbox)

·         Resident Evil 4 (GameCube)

·         Star Fox Assault (GameCube)

·         Warioware: Touched (DS)

·         Pocket Kingdom: Own the World (N-Gage)

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    Title: Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 189
    Month: March
    Year: 2005
    Publisher: Ziff Davis
    Editor: Dan "Shoe" Hsu
    Pages: 142
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