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Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 36

ISSUE: 36Content

(Note: Since the Table of Contents of this issue is separated into two sections and has redundant information, I've combined them into this index, while adding in the games featured in certain sections.)

Systems Covered: SNES, NES, Genesis, TurboGrafx-16, TurboGrafx CD-Rom, Game Gear, Neo Geo, Atari Lynx, Gameboy

Table of Contents on Page 4

Departments and Features:

  • Insert Coin(editorial: "The Return of Electronic Gaming" and magazine credits)
  • Letters to the Editor(letters from readers)
  • Review Crew(4 reviewers give their impressions of games and score them)
    • SNES:
      • Street Fighter II
      • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes IV: Turtles In Time
      • Super Bowling
      • NCAA Basketball


      • Dragon Strike
      • Mr. Gimmick


      • Slime World
      • Dragon's Fury
      • Side Pocket


      • Falcon


      • Last Resort


      • Adventure Island

      [*]Game Gear:

      • Aerial Assault


      • Lynx Casino


    [*]Software Calendar(games being released this month)

    • Nintendo
      • Bee 52
      • Darkwing Duck
      • Gold Medal Challenge

      [*]Super NES

      • American Gladiators
      • Gunforce
      • James Bond, Jr.
      • Magic Sword
      • Race Drivin'
      • Street Fighter II
      • Super Bowling
      • Wheel of Fortune featuring Vanna White


      • Barbie
      • Centipede
      • Jeep
      • Miner 2049
      • Ninja Taro
      • Pyramids of Ra
      • Swamp Thing
      • Tom & Jerry
      • Wave Race
      • Ultima: Runes of Virtue

      [*]Game Gear

      • David Robinson's Supreme Court
      • Outrun Europa
      • R.C. Gran Prix
      • Wheel of Fortune featuring Vanna White

      [*]Neo Geo

      • Andro Dunas
      • King of the Monsters 2
      • Sen Go Ku II

      [*]Master System

      • (Nothing will be released this month)


      • Arch Rivals
      • Atomic Runner
      • King Salmon
      • Slime World
      • Taz Mania
      • Wheel of Fortune featuring Vanna White


      • Kung Food
      • Pinball Jam


      • Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu
      • Lords of the Rising Sun


    [*]Gaming Gossip("Nintendo and Sega Axe Prices, Lynx Returns With Batman, New Info on Sega CD-ROM and Sonic 2, Sega to Bow New Gun, Street Fighter 3 Released, Streets of Rage 2 Readied, New Magazine to Appear") [*]EG Express(News: "Sega CD-ROM to Sell for $299, Three CDs Included With System) [*]International Outlook("News, Previews, and info from around the Electronic Gaming World")

    • Super Famicom
      • Light Fantasy
      • Earth Light
      • Madara 2
      • Aguri Suzuki F-1 Super Driving

      [*]Mega CD-ROM

      • Thunder Storm
      • Wonder Dog
      • Prince of Persia


    [*]Tricks of the Trade(short tricks and strategies for various games)

    • Super NES
      • The Addams Family
      • Top Gear
      • WWF Super Wrestlemania


      • Desert Strike
      • Kid Chameleon


      • Bart vs. The World
      • Ninja Gaiden 3
      • Mega Man 4
      • Monster In My Pocket

      [*]Atari Lynx

      • Super Skweek

      [*]TurboGrafx CD-ROM

      • Valis 3


    [*]Next Wave(previews for upcoming games)

    • Super NES
      • Shadow Of The Beast
      • Skuljagger: Revolt of the Westicans
      • Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour
      • Capcom's NFL Football


      • Dragon Warrior IV

      [*]Game Gear

      • R.C. Grand Prix
      • Spiderman vs. The Kingpin
      • Super Off Road

      [*]Atari Lynx

      • Kungfood


      • Track And Field
      • Tom and Jerry
      • Swamp Thing
      • Dig Dug


    [*]Cover: 4-page feature on Batman games for various systems [*]Leading Edge(Arcade News: Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition) [*]Olympics Preview(coverage of games based on the upcoming Summer Olympics) [*]Super Play(Part 2 of in-depth strategy for Joe & Mac for the SNES) [*]Fact Files(in-depth look at recently released games which include memory size of the carts)

    • Super NES Times:
      • Axelay
      • Dinosaurs
      • Race Drivin'
      • On The Ball
      • Space Football
      • Krusty's Super Fun House


      • Bee 52
      • Widget

      [*]Sega Genesis:

      • Tax Mania
      • Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing
      • King Salmon
      • Warrior of Rome

      [*]Turbo Champ:

      • New Adventure Island

      [*]Neo Geo:

      • Andro Dunos

      [*]Game Gear:

      • The Terminator
      • CES Preview - Home Alone
      • Taz Mania
      • Tale Spin
      • Batman Returns
      • Chakan
      • Ayrton Senna's Monaco GP 2
      • Defender of Oasis
      • Wimbledon Tennis
      • The Majors: Pro Baseball
      • Shinobi 2


      • Centipede
      • Zen: Intergalactic Ninja

      [*]Atari Lynx:

      • Steel Talons


    [*]Advertiser Index(list of all adverts in the magazine grouped according to developer) [*]High Scores(high scores on various games sent in by readers)


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    Title: Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 36
    Month: July
    Year: 1992
    Publisher: Sendai Publishing
    Editor: Ed Semrad
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