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Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 44

ISSUE: 44Content

Reviews: (page 24)

  • Lords of Thunder - (Duo)
  • Super Strike Eagle - (SNES)
  • Football Fury - (SNES)
  • Toxic Crusaders - (SNES)
  • SimEarth - (SNES)
  • Hardball 3 - (Genesis)
  • Risky Woods - (Genesis)
  • Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball - (Genesis)
  • Championship Pro-Am - (Genesis)
  • Road Avenger - (Sega CD)
  • World Sports Competition - (Duo)
  • F-117A Stealth Fighter - (NES)
  • Breaktime - (NES)
  • Flintstones - (Gameboy)
  • Arch Rivals - (Game Gear)
  • Dinolympics - (Lynx)

Tricks of the Trade: (page 80)

Sonic 2, Wonder Dog, Super Star Wars, Streets of Rage, Chuck Rock, Street Fighter II, Super Mario Land 2, Lightening Force, Shinobi 2, Out of this World, Cobra Command

International Outlook: (page 68)

The Fearsome Fortress, Super Back to the Future 2, Battle Soccer, Cosmo Gang the Puzzle, Image Fight 2, Snow Bros., Super Chinese World 2, Black Hole Assault, Darius 3, Golden Axe 3, SimEarth, Ranma 1/2 Part 2

In Depth/Previews: (page 88)

Mortal Kombat, Mechwarrior, Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose, Family Dog, Super Slap Shot, Final Fight 2, Starfox, Super NBA Basketball, Batman Returns, Splatterhouse 3, Cool Spot, Rocket Knight Adventures, HardBall III, X-Men, Mutant League Football, Outrun 2019, Rolling Thunder 3, Sonic CD, Silpheed, Final Fight CD, Road Avenger, Joe Montana's NFL Football, Beyond Shadowgate, Terraforming, Legend of Hero Tonma, Tiny Toon Adventures: Trouble in Wackyland, Battletoads and Double Dragon, Mighty Final Fight, Kid Dracula, Zelda: Links Awakening, Milon's Secret Castle, Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six, Arch Rivals


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    Title: Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 44
    Month: March
    Year: 1993
    Publisher: Sendai Publishing
    Editor: Ed Semrad
    Pages: 164
    Price: $4.95/$5.95 Canada/£2.60
    Country: United States
    Language: English
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