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Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 8

ISSUE: 8Content


  • Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Nintendo Game Boy
  • Sega Master System
  • Sega Genesis
  • NEC TurboGrafx-16
  • NEC PC-Engine Super Grafx (aka SuperGrafx)
  • Atari Lynx


TurboGrafx-16 vs. Genesis - EGM Sets The Record Straight And Answers The Question Of Which 16-Bitter Is Best...

(Cover story. Featured in contents section as 'Cover - The Genesis vs. Turbo Debate.' Three-page contrast & compare.)

Insert Coin - More Than Good Looks... by Steve Harris (editorial)

Interface: Letters To The Editor

Electronic Gaming Review Crew

  • Double Dragon 2 (NES) (Double Dragon II: The Revenge)
  • 720 Degrees (NES)
  • 8-Eyes (NES)
  • Boy and his Blob (NES)
  • Roadblasters (NES)
  • Golden Axe (SMS)
  • Dynamite Dux (SMS)
  • Space Harrier (TG16)
  • Military Madness (TG16)
  • Ordyne (TG16)
  • Deep Blue (TG16)
  • Truxton (Gen)
  • Zoom (Gen)
  • Revenge of Shinobi (Gen)
  • Golden Axe (Gen)
  • Castlevania (GB) (Castlevania: The Adventure)
  • Shanghai (GB)

Gaming Gossip by Quartermann

GameBoy Club

(This issue's GameBoy Club doubles as a magazine-in-magazine - complete with cover - titled 'Portable Gaming Magazine.' Its promoted as a major feature in this issue's contents: 'Bonus Supplement In This Issue Of EGM!!! Pocket Pros - The Portable Gaming Mini-Mag.' Interestingly, the included strategy guide was originally set to conclude in the first newstand issue of Portable Gaming Magazine.)

  • Now You Can Play Gameboy Games On TV... And In Color!!! (WideBoy 2 (GB-to-Famicom adapter) overview)
  • Castlevania: The Adventure (fact file)
  • Castlevania: The Adventure Quest One (two-page level 1 strategy guide)
  • Gameboy capsule previews:
  • Funny Field
  • Battleship Game
  • Monster Truck
  • Selection
  • Mr. Asmik World
  • Gradius
  • World Class Bowling
  • Phallanx
  • Qix
  • Lock-n-Chase
  • Bases Loaded
  • CosmoTank
  • Navy Blue
  • Ghosts and Goblins
  • Popeye
  • Boxing

Atari Adventure

  • Lynx Game Previews (article previewing Gauntlet and Rampage Deluxe)

International Outlook

PC Engine Super Grafx by Tony Takoushi

New NEC Game System Promises Better Graphics and Play!

(Two-page PC Engine Super Grafx (aka SuperGrafx) overview. Featured in contents section as 'Taking The Super Grafx For A Test Drive.')

Next Wave

(Preview section; featured in the contents section as 'The New Softs.')

  • Astyanax (NES)
  • Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (NES)
  • Arkista's Ring (NES)
  • Chase HQ (NES)
  • Bases Loaded 2: The Second Season (NES)
  • Baseball Simulator 1.000 (NES)
  • Mad Max (NES)
  • Golgo 13, Part 2 (NES)
  • Rescue Rangers (NES)
  • V'Ball (NES)
  • Ikari Warriors 3 (NES)
  • Takin' it to the Hoop (TG16)
  • It Came From the Desert (TG16CD)
  • Neutopia (TG16)
  • Air Diver (Gen)
  • After Burner 2 (Gen)
  • Atomic Robo-Kid (Gen)
  • Curse (Gen)
  • Phantasy Star 2 (Gen)

Tricks of the Trade

(Featured in the contents section.)

  • Arnold Palmer Golf (Gen; here as Genesis Golf)
  • Godzilla (NES)
  • Military Madness (TG16)
  • Pac-Land (TG16)
  • Side Arms (TG16)
  • Deep Blue (TG16)
  • Space Harrier (TG16)
  • Ordyne (TG16)
  • R-Type (TG16)

Nintendo Player

  • Double Dragon II (NES)
  • Rolling Thunder (NES)

Sega Masters

  • Ultima IV (SMS)

Turbo Champ

  • Side Arms (TG16)
  • J.J. & Jeff (TG16)
  • Military Madness (TG16)

Outpost: Genesis

  • Truxton (Gen)
  • Thanks 2

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    Title: Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 8
    Month: March
    Year: 1990
    Publisher: Sendai Publishing
    Editor: Steve Harris
    Pages: 84
    Price: $3.95-$4.95 CANADA
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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