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Fusion Issue 7

ISSUE: 7Content


  • Sega Saturn
  • Sony Playstation
  • Sega Genesis
  • Nintendo Ultra 64 (eventually released as the Nintendo 64)
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Windows 3.1
  • Windows 95
  • Macintosh
  • 3DO
  • PC


Critical Mass - Don't Call It A Comeback (editorial)


Will Sega Rally? Sega Execs Fess Up To the Mistakes of the Past and Look Forward to the Future

The Last Word: Sega's Tom Kalinske interview

The Ghost in the Machine: Sony PlayStation's Ken Kutaragi

Fusion Journey's: Inside Lucas-Arts


Fusion News

  • Immersive Gaming, 3-D High and Still Rising
  • Washington Kombats Violence
  • Nintendo Scores Ultra Sport Titles
  • Warner Bros. Signs Top Talent
  • PC Means Profitably Correct
  • Film Noir?
  • Quips & Quicks - Intertainment News
  • Stake Your Claim in Cyberspace
  • Wheeling and Dealing
  • Newly-Web
  • Product Watch
  • Fusion Stock Monitor
  • Bits, Bytes and Buzz...
  • Virus RX Dr. Solomon Fights CPU Flu
  • Gaming Top Ten - Toasting The New Year

Fusion Net - Masters of their Domain: Role-Players Reign Supreme in the Kingdoms of Online Gaming

Fusion Reviews

  • NFL Gameday (PS)
  • Criticom (PS)
  • In The Hunt (PS)
  • Hang On GP (Sat)
  • Gex (Sat)
  • Virtua Fighter 2 (Sat)
  • Wing Arms (Sat)
  • Solar Eclipse (Sat)
  • Thunderstrike II (Sat)
  • Virtua Cop (Sat)
  • Kingdom of the Far Reaches (3DO)
  • Foes of Ali (3DO)
  • T-Mek (32X)
  • Sid Meier's Civilization (SNES)
  • Pacific Theater of Opersations II (SNES)
  • Bad Mojo (PC)
  • Star Rangers (PC)
  • Earthworm Jim (PC)
  • Worms (PC)
  • Monopoly (PC)
  • Fighter Duel (PC)
  • Ripley's Believe It or Not (PC)
  • The Dig (PC)
  • Old-Time Baseball (PC)
  • MW2: Ghost Bear's Legacy (PC)
  • EF2000 (PC)

Fusion Letters - Reader letters

Fusion End Notes - Gaming's Sound and Fury (Arnie Katz)

Fusion Pro-File - Baron R.K. Von Wolfshield: The Baron of Intellectual Addiction (interview)

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    Title: Fusion Issue 7
    Month: February
    Year: 1996
    Publisher: Decker Publications
    Editor: Joe Fielder
    Pages: 100
    Price: $4.99
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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