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Game Informer Issue 152

ISSUE: 152Content


  • Letter From the Editor: Down in the Valley (Andy McNamara discusses the advancement in technology from the new console and reaching the Uncanny Valley)
  • Dear GI (Reader Letters, Responses and Artwork)
  • The Next Generation Starts Now! (Overview of the launch of the first next-gen system, the XBOX 360)
  • Fisher For Fourth Splinter Cell (Ubisoft announces Splinter Cell 4 and the delay of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter)
  • Jack Thompson Gets Roasted (Notorious anti-game lawyer gets denounced by the National Institute on Media and the Family)
  • Interview: Shigeru Miyamoto (Interview with the legendary game developer, responsible for Mario, Zelda and Pikmin)
  • Classic GI (History of music in video games)

2005 Holiday Buying Guide (GI’s picks for the best games, movies, toys and other gaming and tech gifts for the holiday gift giving season)

Cover Story: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3)(In-depth look at the next game in Konami’s blockbuster franchise, which aims to evolve the series by taking advantage of the PS3 hardware)

Black (PS2, XBOX)(Having made a name for themselves with the racing series Burnout, Criterion now attempts to tackle the first-person shooter genre)

Spy Hunter: Nowhere To Run (PS2, XBOX)(Having fallen on hard times after the release of Spy Hunter 2, Terminal Reality now attempts to bring life back to the series with a game to tie-in with the upcoming movie)


  • Alone in the Dark (360)
  • Final Fantasy XII (PS2)
  • Kingdom Hearts II (PS2)
  • Full Auto (360)
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Battle For Middle Earth II (PC)
  • NFL Head Coach (PS2, XBOX, PC)
  • Mass Effect (360)
  • Tomb Raider: Legend (360, PS2, XBOX, PSP, PC)
  • Too Human (360)
  • Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams (PS2)
  • Field Commander (PSP)
  • Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War (PS2)
  • Tales of Legendia (PS2)
  • WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 (PSP)
  • Tokobot (PSP)
  • Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana 2 (PS2)

Multiplatform Reviews:

  • Call of Duty 2 (360, PC)
  • Need For Speed: Most Wanted (PS2, XBOX, GC)
  • Gun (PS2, XBOX, GC)
  • Star Wars: Battlefront II (PS2, XBOX, PC)
  • Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland (PS2, XBOX, GC)
  • L.A. Rush (PS2, XBOX)
  • Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (PS2, XBOX)
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe (PS2, XBOX, GC)
  • From Russia With Love (PS2, XBOX, GC)
  • The Matrix: Path of Neo (PS2, XBOX)

XBOX 360 Reviews:

  • Condemned: Criminal Origins
  • Amped 3
  • NBA Live 06
  • FIFA 06

PlayStation 2 Reviews:

  • SOCOM 3: U.S. Navy SEALs
  • Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King
  • Soul Calibur III
  • Fatal Frame III: The Tormented
  • Guitar Hero
  • WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2006
  • Trapt
  • Suikoden Tactics
  • Magna Carta: Tears of Blood

Gamecube Reviews:

  • Mario Party 7
  • Super Mario Strikers
  • Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble

XBOX Reviews:

  • Stubbs the Zombie in “Rebel Without A Pulse”
  • Half-Life 2

PC Reviews:

  • Age of Empires III
  • The Movies

Game Boy Advance Review:

  • Gunstar Super Heroes

Nintendo DS Reviews:

  • Animal Crossing: Wild World
  • Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
  • Mario Kart DS
  • Viewtiful Joe Double Trouble!

PSP Reviews:

  • Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
  • Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Quickie Reviews (Short, one paragraph reviews):

  • Cold War (XBOX, PC)
  • Karaoke Revolution Party (PS2, XBOX, GC)
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (PS2, XBOX, GC)
  • Dynasty Warriors 5 Xtreme Legends (PS2)
  • EyeToy: Operation Spy (PS2)
  • NBA 06 (PSP)
  • SSX On Tour (PSP)
  • X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse (PSP)
  • Dig Dug: Digging Strike (DS)
  • Mario Tennis: Power Tour (GBA)
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 (PSP)

Secret Access (Cheat codes and strategy guides):

  • Gun (360, PS2, XBOX, GC)
  • Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects (PS2, XBOX, GC)
  • SSX On Tour (PS2, XBOX, GC)
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (PS2, XBOX, GC)
  • X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse (PS2, XBOX, GC)
  • Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks (PS2, XBOX)
  • Far Cry Instincts (XBOX)
  • The Suffering: Ties That Bind (XBOX)
  • MediEvil Resurrection (PSP)
  • Age of Empires III (PC)

Retro Reviews:

  • Mace: The Dark Age (Nintendo 64">N64)
  • Raystorm (PS)
  • Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team (SNES)

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    Title: Game Informer Issue 152
    Month: December
    Year: 2005
    Publisher: Sunrise Publications
    Editor: Andy McNamara
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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