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Game On! Issue 1

ISSUE: 1Content


  • From the Editor: Welcome to Game On! USA (Editor-in-Chief Satoru Fujii introduces the mag and describes their intentions)
  • The Street Fighter Saga (A brief overview of nine years of gaming history, 1987 to 1996, surrounding the Street Fighter series.
  • A Fighter Speaks (An exclusive interview with Capcom's VP of Arcade R&D, Noritaka Funamizu)
  • Out of the Arcades (Street Fighter's more than just a video game, as this article on the film, anime, comic books, roleplaying game, and TV series shows)
  • Newsline (What's coming to the Land of the Rising Sun? Oh, you know, a little Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy VII, Macross, Evangelion...the usual...)
  • From Pixel to Panel: Manga Gaming Comes to the U.S. (Western releases often transition from comic books into video games, but in Japan it's just the opposite.)
  • Manga - Super Street Fighter II: Cammy (Part 1 of Cammy's odyssey into the world of combat and espionage)
  • Manga - Samurai Shodown (Haohmaru and Nakoruru start their trip across feudal Japan in this first part of the series)
  • Game Over: Ryu vs. Terry - The Ultimate Match (Two otaku argue over who would win if these Capcom and SNK icons brawled)
  • Letters (Well, it's the first issue so we don't have any letters yet, but you could name our letter column if you felt so inclined...)
  • Upcoming (Next issue, we've got more manga, a feature on translating Japanese games, and a look at Virtua Fighter, Tekken 2, and Battle Arena Toshinden 2)

Play Tests (Reviews):

  • Street Fighter Alpha (PS1)
  • Gunbird (SAT)
  • Magic Knights Rayearth (SAT)
  • Battle Arena Toshinden 2 (PS1)

Notable Stuff:

  • Game On! USA was an attempt to bring the style of one of Japan's longest-running magazines (Game On!) to the US via the publishers at Viz Communications. It was aimed squarely at gamers who were also fans of anime and manga, but only lasted for seven issues as it failed to find enough of a following among the hardcore Japanophiles who liked games, comics, and animation.
  • Despite being a year into the PlayStation's release, 16-bit games still dominate the Japanese charts, as Donkey Kong Country 2 takes the top spot in their best-selling games for April 1996
  • What happened to Zork being slated for release as a live-action TV series? That could have been hilariously awful.
  • Manga gets 56 pages out of the mag's 80 pages in total. This seems...excessive for what should be a video game magazine first.
  • The Game Over article would be a lot more fun if they actually provided an answer to the argument. In this installment, Terry and Ryu battle to a stalemate. Gamers looking for an actual answer can just pick up a copy of Capcom vs. SNK and finish the debate once and for all nowadays.
  • The winner and two runners-up of the "name the letter column" contest won, among other things, a free 12-issue subscription. Unfortunately, the magazine ended after issue 7. Can we get a substitution, please?

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    Title: Game On! Issue 1
    Month: May
    Year: 1996
    Publisher: Viz Communications
    Editor: Satoru Fujii
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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