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Game Players Volume 2 Number 7

ISSUE: 13Content

Primary Systems Coverage

  • Nintendo Entertainment System (including CD adapter & portable prototype discussion)
  • Nintendo Game Boy
  • Sega Master System
  • Sega Genesis
  • Atari Lynx
  • PC
  • Amiga
  • NEC TurboGrafx-16
  • NEC TurboGrafx-16 CD-ROM (news coverage)
  • NEC TurboExpress
  • arcade (pinball)


(Table of Content (TOC) and headline excerpts follow.  Bullet lists and (notes) added for clarity.)

The Editors View (1 page; editorial by Tom Halfhill; Game Genie, NES CD adapter discussion)

The Tip Sheet (1.33 pages; letters column focusing on reader tip requests and submissions; discussed, not shown:)

  • Ultima: Exodus (NES)
  • Phantasy Star (SMS)
  • Tennis (GB)
  • Blue Lightning (Lynx)
  • Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure
  • The Adventures of Bayou Billy (NES)

Player's World - NEC TurboExpress Color Hand-Held (1 page; hardware discussion; hardware shown)

Nintendo News - Simpsons, Yes; Hand-Held, No! (3.5 pages; shown unless noted; includes sections:)

  • Nintendo Nixes Color Hand-Held (BDL Enterprises' portable NES denied license by Nintendo; not shown)
  • Radical, Dude! (Simpsons games planned for NES, GB, Acclaim SuperPlay hand-held stand-alone; none shown)
  • Electronic Arts Goes Nintendo (EA becomes licensee; Skate or Die 2 (NES); Sega Genesis 16-bit titles planned)
  • A Pair Of Puzzlers (Pipe Dream (NES), Solstice (NES))

Game Boy Players - Batman (3 pages; game overview and strategies)

Arcade Action - Pinball: 1990 (2 pages; discussed:)

  • The Phantom of the Opera
  • Rollergames
  • Cyclone
  • Banzai Run (shown)
  • Earthshaker! (shown)
  • Black Knight 2000 (shown)

PC Players - Dragon Wars And Heat Wave (3 pages; both shown)

Sega Masters - EA's Hot Titles For The Genesis (3 pages; EA publishing unlicensed Genesis games; Abrams Battle Tank (Gen) and 688 Attack Sub (Gen) mentioned; discussed and shown:)

  • Populous (Gen; includes port screenshot comparison)
  • Budokan (Gen)
  • Zany Golf (Gen)

Amiga Players - Classic Games (2 pages; discussed and shown:)

  • Hoyle's Book of Games, Volume 1
  • Gin King/Cribbage King
  • Risk

Turbo Players - Four New Games (3 pages; discussed and shown:)

  • J.J. & Jeff
  • Deep Blue
  • Cybercore
  • King Of Casino

Atari Safari - Upcoming Games (1 page; upcoming Lynx games list each with summary and release date; not shown unless noted:)

  • Ms. Pac-Man
  • Slime World (shown)
  • Klas
  • Paper Boy
  • Rampage
  • Xenophobe (shown)
  • 3-D Barrage
  • Zarlor Mercenary
  • Road Blasters (shown)
  • A.P.B.
  • Checkered Flag
  • Ninja Gaiden
  • Vindicators
  • Red Baron
  • Tournament Cyberball

Nintendo Game of the Month: Crystalis (6 pages; NES; strategy guide)

Sega Genesis Game of the Month: Ghostbusters (5 pages; strategy guide)

Computer Game of the Month: Balance of the Planet (5 pages; PC; strategy guide)

Game Reviews (1 page each; all shown)

  • Little League Baseball (NES)
  • Bloody Wolf (TG16)
  • Super Glove Ball (NES)
  • Air Diver (Gen)
  • Alien Syndrome (NES)
  • Second Front (PC)
  • Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf (NES)
  • Wizards & Warriors X (GB)
  • Heavy Barrel (NES)
  • Escape From Hell (PC)
  • Prince of Persia (PC)

News & Previews (approx. 3 pages)

  • Sega Adds Buster To Its All-Star Cast (James "Buster" Douglas signs with Sega; Mondu's Fight Palace (Gen,shown))
  • New Games For Nintendo (discussed, not shown unless noted:)
    • Hatris (NES (shown), GB)
    • Orb 3D
    • Jim Henson's Muppet Adventure: Chaos at the Carnival
    • Fun House
    • Pesterminator (NES (shown))
    • Challenge of the Dragon
    • King Neptune's Adventure
    • Little Nemo the Dream Master (NES (shown))
    • Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight
  • Kung-Fu Heroes Tournament (high-score contest)
  • Game Boy Eye-Saver (Vic Tokai's Light Boy light and magnifying lens accessory (shown))
  • New CD-ROM Games For TurboGrafx-16 (Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective; Camp California; none shown)

Chartbusters (0.5 pages; reader poll results and Top lists)

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    Title: Game Players Volume 2 Number 7
    Month: July
    Year: 1990
    Publisher: Signal Research
    Editor: Tom R. Halfhill
    Pages: 100
    Price: $2.95, $3.95 Canada
    Country: United States
    Language: English
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