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Game Players Issue 68

ISSUE: 68Content


-Editor Mark Higham makes note of how in the previous year (1994), with games like Mortal Kombat II, blood and gore in video games was a hot topic; but now (1995), games are filled with even more of the stuff, and the controversy has all but disappeared.
-Higham mentions that this is his last issue. Starting next month, Chris Slate takes over as Editor.


-Summary and reports on the recent Japanese launch of the Saturn and Playstation
-Apple and Bandai team up for new console
-New software developer "Boss Game Studio"
-GameTek opens CD-ROM movie division
-Disney founds "Disney Interactive"
-The early reaction to Nintendo's Killer Instinct arcade game
-Sony's planned peripherals for the North American launch of Playstation
-Sega opens new division, "Deep Water", which will cater to more "mature" audiences
-1994 sales figures in...Nintendo retakes crown
-Marvel's game division still in development. Marvel buys Malibu Comics
-Nintendo teams up with Kellogg's for cereal promotion
-Philips giving the CDi a new push. Lower price, new games
-Sega buys $40 M worth of Atari stock. Also, the two co's settle patent infringement case
-Capcom opens new, next-gen focused, R&D lab in California.
-New book by David Sheff. "Video Games: A Guide for Parents"
-Various domestic and foreign top 10 lists based on retail sales, polls, and "what the editors have been playing instead of working".
Coin-Op Crazy

-The latest arcade buzz

-Featured Game: Power Instinct 2
Mean Machines
Short reviews and previews of Jaguar and 3DO games

-Iron Soldier (Jaguar)
-Kasumi Ninja (Jaguar)
-Super Street Fighter II Turbo (3DO)
-Off World Interceptor (3DO)

-Checkered Flag (Jaguar)
-Fight for Life (Jaguar)
-Bubsy II (Jaguar)
-Zool 2 (Jaguar)
-Shanghai, The Great Wall (3DO)
-Supreme Warrior (3DO)
Game Gossip
-Jaguar expected to get port of Primal Rage
-Sonic on the 32X. To be called "Sonic Chaotic"
-Sega working to make the 32X compatible with the Saturn
-Mattel VR headset
-Earthworm Jim soundtrack, and TV show
-Square working on first U.S. developed title, an RPG for Ultra 64
-Capcom's Mega Man: The Wiley Wars coming to Genesis - but only if you have the Sega Channel
-Review of the Flightstick Pro, by CH Products, for the 3DO
-Review of the XBAND modem/gaming network for the Genesis and SNES
-Info on the upcoming Virtual Boy console, including a spec sheet
Import Games
-Panic Bomberman (Super Famicom)
-Hagane (Super Famicom)
-The top 10 Japanese import games selling the most in the U.S.
First Glimpse

-NBA JAM: Tournament Edition (Genesis and SNES)

-Weaponlord (Genesis and SNES)

-Metalhead (32X)

-X-Men: The Clone Wars (Genesis)


On the Horizon

-Fatal Fury Special (Sega CD)
-Motocross Challenge (32X)
-Mega Bomberman (Genesis)
-Brutal: Paws of Fury (32X)
-Bouncers (Sega CD)



-FIFA International Soccer 95'

-Madden NFL 95'

-NBA Live 95'

-NFL Quarterback Club 95'

-Phantasy Star IV


-seaQuest DSV

-WWF Raw


-Bassin's Black Bass with Hank Parker
-NFL Quarterback Club 95'
-NHL 95'
-Power Instinct
-Rise of the Robots
-The Ignition Factor
-Tin Star
-WWF Raw
Sega CD
-Ecco: The Tides of Time
-Eternal Champions CD
-Iron Helix
-Midnight Raiders
-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
-Popful Mail: Magical Fantasy Adventure
-Cosmic Carnage
Game Boy
-Space Invaders
Game Gear
-Rise of the Robots


Code Breakers

-Cheat codes for various games. Game Genie codes too


Game Slayers

-Readers send in game strategy related questions - how to get past certain parts in games, etc., and staff writer Jeff Ludrigan tries to answer them.**

Games Covered this month:
-Beavis and Butt-head (Genesis)
-Super Bomberman (SNES)
-The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Game Boy)
-Super Metroid (SNES)
-Final Fantasy III (SNES)
Strategy Guides
(More in-depth, multi-page guides)
-Animaniacs (Genesis)
-seaQuest DSV (SNES)
-Super Punch-Out (SNES)
-Megaman X2 (SNES)
-Snatcher (Sega CD)

Reader Mail

Back Talk

-Mark Higham bids farewell
-What's coming in future issues

* Text chat was possible with this device, and the writer reminds potential users to mind their manners: "Don't call other players losers or cheaters. Be a good sport!" Ah, some things never change.

**Ludrigan reminds readers that he can be reached by email, and gives his address. Pretty cutting edge in 95'? Maybe slightly crazy, too?

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    Title: Game Players Issue 68
    Month: February
    Year: 1995
    Publisher: GP Publications, Inc.
    Editor: Mark Higham
    Price: $4.95/$5.95 Canada
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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