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Game Players Issue 76

ISSUE: 76Content

Reader's Network (Letters)

Info Trak (News): Confirmed, Unofficially confirmed & rumored games for the Ultra 64, Sony avoids "dumping" lawsuit by lowering cost of Japanese PlayStation, Ken Griffey Jr. lends name to two new baseball games for Nintendo, No more CES

Game Gossip: web browser, keyboard, modem & storage device for Jaguar?, Ultra 64 rumors, Sega rumors

In Related News


·         Loaded (PlayStation)

·         Virtua Fighter (32X)

·         Criticom (PlayStation)

·         The Adventures of Batman & Robin (Sega CD)

·         Tripp'd (3DO)

·         Robotica (Saturn)

·         Mortal Kombat 3 (Super NES, PlayStation, Genesis)

·         Kolibri (32X)

·         Ghen War (Saturn)

·         Ultra Vortek (Jaguar)

·         Spiderman: Web of Fire (32X)

·         Myst (Saturn)

·         Icebreaker (3DO)

·         ESPN Extreme (PlayStation)

·         Cyber Speedway (Saturn)

·         Blackfire (Saturn)

·         Lemmings 3-D (PlayStation)

·         Viewpoint (PlayStation)

·         Zero Divide (PlayStation)

Japanese Previews:

·         Virtua Fighter Remix (Saturn)

·         Mystic Arc (Super Famicom)

·         Power Instinct 2 (PlayStation)

·         V-Tennis (PlayStation)

·         Virtua Fighter 2 (Saturn)

·         Arc the Lad (PlayStation)

·         Hermie Hopperhead (PlayStation)


·         Mega Man VII (Super NES)

·         Virtual Hydlide (Saturn)

·         The Ooze (Genesis)

·         Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure (32X)

·         Doom (Super NES)

·         Tekken (PlayStation)

·         Shinobi Legions (Saturn)

·         White Men Can't Jump (Jaguar)

·         Zhadnost: The People's Party (3DO)

·         Air Combat (PlayStation)

·         Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (Genesis)

·         Strahl (3DO)

·         Lunar 2: Eternal Blue (Sega CD)

·         Civilization (Super NES)

·         Power Drive Rally (Jaguar)

·         Super Burnout (Jaguar)

·         Total Eclipse: Turbo (PlayStation)

·         Castlevania: Dracula X (Super NES)

·         Rayman (PlayStation)

·         Weaponlord (Genesis)

·         George Foreman Boxing (Game Boy)

·         Judge Dredd (Game Boy)

·         Casino FunPak (Game Boy)

·         Primal Rage (Game Gear)


·         Head On Soccer (Super NES)

·         Madden '96 (PlayStation)

·         NBA Live '96 (Super NES, Genesis)

·         NHL '96 (Super NES, Genesis)

Now Playing: At a glance view of 120+ games covered in the last 6 months

Coin-Op: Tekken 2, Speed Racer, Rave Racer, Alpine Racer,

World View: games for Saturn, PlayStation Neo Geo & Super Famicom

Cheat Sheets (Strategy):

·         Toshinden (PlayStation)

·         Bug! (Saturn)

·         Chrono Trigger (Super NES)

Game Slayers (Tactics):

·         The Lost Vikings (Super NES, Genesis)

·         Myst (3DO)

·         Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Darkside (Sega CD)

Code Breakers (codes):

·         Bust-A-Move (Super NES)

·         Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (Super NES)

·         The Adventures of Batman & Robin (Super NES, Genesis)

·         Panzer Dragoon (Saturn)

·         Astal (Saturn)

·         Bassin's Black Bass (Super NES)

·         Daytona USA (Saturn)

·         Ogre Battle (Super NES)

·         Jumping Flash (PlayStation)

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    Title: Game Players Issue 76
    Month: October
    Year: 1995
    Publisher: Imagine Media
    Editor: Chris Slate
    Pages: 140
    Price: $4.95 U.S. / $5.95 Canada
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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