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Game Players Encyclopedia of Nintendo Games Volume Seven

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Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
Nintendo Game Boy (GB)

(Table of Content (TOC) and headline excerpts follow.  Bullet lists and (notes) added for clarity.)


  • Video Control (editorial by Leslie Mizell)

FEATURES (unless noted, each a game overview with tips and screenshots)

  • The Legend of Zelda: (collection of articles regarding The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES))
    • Zelda's Zoo ('A Zelda Zoo: The Overworld Monsters'; bestiary; five pages)
    • Zelda's Flea Market (items strategy guide; four pages)
    • Zelda's Secrets (hidden items strategy guide; four pages)
  • Nightshade (NES; 'Exploring the Dark with Nightshade'; five pages)
  • The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy (NES; 'Reaching Dizzy Heights'; three pages)
  • Super Baseball Simulation (sic) 1.000 (Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 (SNES); 'Super Baseball Simulator 1.000: Get Out of the Dugout!'; two pages)
  • TMNT IV: Turtles in Time (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time (SNES); 'Timeout for the Turtles'; seven pages)
  • Bulls vs. Blazers in (sic) the NBA Playoffs (Bulls vs. Blazers and the NBA Playoffs (SNES); 'Bulls vs. Blazers and the NBA Playoffs: Hot Court Action!'; three pages)
  • Rival Turf (SNES; 'Street Fighting on Rival Turf'; three pages)
  • Advanced Street Fighter II (Street Fighter II (SNES); six pages)
  • Shadowrun (SNES; 'The Neo Anarchist's Guide to Shadowrun'; seven pages including 'The Tech View of Shadowrun' section)
  • Double Dragon II (GB; 'Double Dragon II: The Lee Brothers Are Back!'; two pages)
  • Dragon Warrior III (NES; five pages)
  • Metroid II: The Return of Samus (GB; 'Metroid II: Samus vs. The Aliens'; two pages)
  • Joe & Mac (SNES; 'Prehistoric Rescues with Joe & Mac'; four pages)
  • Pirates! (NES; 'Sail the Seven Seas with Pirates!'; three pages)
  • The Legend of the Mystical Ninja (SNES; '"Mystical Ninja" is Bigger and Better'; four pages)
  • Hook (SNES; 'Second Star to the Right - It's Hook'; six pages)
  • Tiny Toon Adventures: Babs' Big Break (GB; 'Tiny Toon Adventures: Babs' Big Break: The Terror of Toon Town'; four pages)
  • Super Battletank: War in the Gulf (SNES; 'Tanks A Lot'; six pages including 'A Conversation with Garry Kitchen' commentary interview)
  • Might & Magic II: Gates to Another World (SNES; 'We've Got the Maps, You've Got the Might and Magic'; six pages)
  • Gradius: The Interstellar Assault (GB; 'Gradius: Die, Aliens, Die'; three pages)
  • The Addams Family (SNES; 'The Addams Family: Something Ooky Is Going On!'; five pages)
  • Wizards & Warrors (sic; Warriors) III (NES; 'Malkil vs. Kuros: The Final Battle?'; four pages)
  • Wanderers from Ys (Ys III: Wanderers from Ys (SNES); 'Ease Into Ys'; four pages)
  • Batman: Return of the Joker (GB; 'Batman Returns - And So Does the Joker!'; two pages)
  • Kid Icarus (Kid Icarus of Myths and Monsters (GB); 'Kid Icarus: Angel In Your Pocket'; three pages)
  • Darkwing Duck (NES; five pages)
  • Magic Johnson's Super Slam Dunk (SNES; 'Court Heights with Magic Johnson'; two pages)
  • Thrilla's Surfari (NES; 'Thrilla's Surfari: Beach Blanket Bimbo'; three pages)
  • Ferrari Grand Prix (NES; 'Ferrari Grand Prix: High-Class Racing'; three pages)
  • Super Hunchback (GB; 'Super Hunchback: For Him the Bell Tolls...'; two pages)
  • Smart Ball (Smartball (SNES); 'SmartBall Rolls Over The Competition'; three pages)
  • The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (NES; 'Young Indy: The Making of a Video Game'; six pages; game development article with 'Tune In' (TV show locale breakdown) and 'Sean Patrick Flanery Out of Costume' (commentary interview) sections)
  • Out of This World (SNES; 'Out of This World: Interactive Gaming'; five pages)
  • F-1 ROC (SNES; 'F-1 ROC: Racing With the Best'; three pages)

REVIEWS (one page each with review score, tips and screenshots; NES unless noted)

  • Adventure Island (GB)
  • Atomic Punk (GB)
  • Baseball Stars II
  • Big Nose the Caveman
  • Blaster Master Boy (GB)
  • The Blue Marlin
  • Bo Jackson Hit and Run! (GB)
  • Casino Kid II
  • Cowboy Kid
  • Cyberball
  • Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat
  • Defenders of Dynatron City
  • Double Dribble 5 on 5 (GB)
  • Dragonstrike
  • Fighting Simulator (GB)
  • Kablooey (SNES)
  • Magic Sword (SNES)
  • Might & Magic: Secret of the Inner Sanctum
  • Monster in My Pocket
  • The Mutant Virus
  • Nail 'n Scale (GB)
  • NCAA Basketball (SNES)
  • NES Open Tournament Golf
  • Ninja Taro (GB)
  • Nolan Ryan Baseball (SNES)
  • Paperboy 2 (SNES)
  • Power Punch II (NES; listed as SNES)
  • Q*bert II (listed in TOC as 'Q*bert' (GB))
  • Quattro Sports
  • RBI Baseball 3
  • Spanky's Quest (SNES)
  • Spy vs. Spy: Operation Booby Trap (GB)
  • Stanley and the Search for Dr. Livingston
  • Super Adventure Island (SNES)
  • Top Gear (SNES)
  • Top Gun: Guts & Glory (GB)
  • Track & Field (GB)
  • World Circuit Series (GB)
  • Xardion (SNES)
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    Title: Game Players Encyclopedia of Nintendo Games Volume Seven
    Month: Summer/Fall
    Year: 1993
    Publisher: GP Publications, Inc.
    Editor: Leslie Mizell
    Pages: 196
    Price: $14.95 $19.95 Canada
    Country: United States
    Language: English
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