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GamePro Issue 227

ISSUE: 227Content

Opening Shots

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  • Saboteur (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

  • Spider-Man: Friend or Foe (Xbox 360, PS2, Wii, PSP, DS, PC)

  • The Agency (PS3, PC)

  • Manhunt 2 (PS2, Wii, PSP)

  • SOCOM Confrontation (PS3)

  • Fury (PC)

  • Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS3)

  • Starcraft II (PC)

  • Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction (Xbox 360, PC)

  • God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP)

  • Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword (DS) 

Feature: GameBreakers: 12 Games that Break all the Rules

Feature: The 52 Most Important Games of All Time

GamerHelp: Spider-Man 3 Strategy


  • The Darkness (Xbox 360)

  • Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix (Wii)

  • Forza Motorsport 2 (Xbox 360)

  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma (PS3)

  • Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition (Wii)

  • Grim Grimoire (PS2)

  • Final Fantasy II (PSP)

  • Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 (PS2)

  • Hoshigami Remix (DS)

The Hub: Ask the Pros, Head 2 Head

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    Title: GamePro Issue 227
    Month: August
    Year: 2007
    Publisher: IDG Communications
    Editor: Wes Nihei
    Pages: 100
    Price: $5.99 U.S. $7.50 CAN
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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