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GamePro Issue 51

ISSUE: 51Content

The Mail

The Cutting Edge:  Atari's 64-bit Jaguar Stalks the Competition

Hot at the Arcades Special Feature: Slam Masters

Role Player's Realm:

  • The Seventh Saga (Super NES),

  • Shining Force (Genesis)

  • Final Fantasy Legend III (Game Boy)

  • Defenders of Oasys (Game Gear)

3DO: Electronic Entertainment Goes Ballistic: Battlechess, Crash 'n Burn, Intelliplay Football, Mad Dog McCree, Oceans Below, Out of this World, San Diego Zoo, Total Eclipse, Star Trek: The Next Generation

Cover Feature: Super Street Fighter II:  The Challengers

Genesis Preview:

  • Disney's Aladdin  

  • Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition

  • RoboCop vs. The Terminator

  • Pink Goes to Hollywood

  • Sonic Spinball

Super NES Previews:

  • Super Empire Strikes Back

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighter

  • Actraiser 2

  • Cliffhanger

  • Captain America and The Avengers

Sega CD Previews:

  • Star Wars: Rebel Assault

  • Steller-Fire

Game Gear Pro Reviews:

  • Star Wars

  • James Bond 007: The Duel

  • Journey from Darkness: Strider Returns

  • Off the Wall

  • WWF Wrestlemania Steel Cage Challenge

  • Cave Dude

On Location with: LucasArts Games

Genesis Pro Reviews:

  • Aero the Acrobat

  • Haunting Starring Polterguy

  • Dashing Desperados

  • Tom Mason's Dinosaurs for Hire

  • Gauntlet IV

  • B.O.B

Sega CD Pro Reviews:

  • AH-3 Thunderstrike

  • Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin

Super NES Pro Reviews:

  • Terminator 2: Judgement Day

  • SimAnt

  • Legend

  • Battle Cars

  • Super Aquatic Games

  • The Incredible Crash Dummies

  • Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

  • Mr. Nuts

  • Mario is Missing

Nintendo Pro Reviews:

  • Star Trek: The Next Generation

Neo Geo Pro Review:

  • Samurai Shodown

Overseas Prospects: Jim Power (Super NES/Genesis)

The Sports Page:

  • NHL Hockey '94 (Genesis/Super NES)

  • Boxing Legends of the Ring (Genesis/Super NES)

  • Riddick Bowe Boxing (Super NES)

  • Madden NFL '94 Preview (Super NES/Genesis)

  • Football Fury (Game Gear)

  • Evander Holyfield's "Real Deal" Boxing (Game Gear)

  • Top Gear 2 (Super NES)

  • Nigel Mansell's World Championship (Genesis, Super NES, Game Boy)

  • Sega Sports Games Previews: Joe Montana NFL Football (Sega CD), NFL Football '94 Starring Joe Montana (Genesis/Game Gear), NFL's Greatest (Sega CD), World Series Baseball (Genesis, Game Gear, Sega CD), NBA Action '94 Starring David Robinson (Genesis, Game Gear), Greatest Heavyweights (Genesis), Prize Fighter(Genesis, Game Gear), Virtua Racing (Genesis), Wimbledon Tennis (Genesis)

Game Boy Pro Reviews:

  • DuckTales 2

  • Tumble Pop

  • WWF4: King of the Ring

  • Ring Rage

  • Lemmings

Lynx Pro Review:

  • Gordo 106

GamePro Lab Report: Game Stackers (Super NES/Genesis), Genesis Pro Control Pad (Genesis), Dual Turbo (Super NES/Genesis),

Short ProShots:

  • Formula 1 World Championship (Genesis)

  • Prince of Persia (Genesis)

  • WWF Royal Rumble (Genesis)

  • Pit-Fighter II (Genesis)

  • Super Baseball 2020 (Genesis)

  • Dune II: The Battle for Arrakis (Genesis)

  • Wizzy 'n' Lizzy (Genesis)

  • EA Sports Soccer (Genesis)

  • Puggsy (Genesis)

  • Incredible Hulk (Genesis)

  • The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle and Friends (Genesis)

  • Bubba 'n' Sticks (Genesis)

  • Microcosm (Sega CD)

  • F-1 Pole Position (Super NES)

  • Lester the Unlikely (Super NES)

  • NBA Showdown (Super NES)

  • Redline: F-1 Racer (Super NES)

  • Super Battletank 2 (Super NES)

  • Turn and Burn: No Fly Zone (Super NES)

  • Super Putty (Super NES)

  • Super Off Road The Baja

  • Kirby's Pinball Land (Game Boy)

  • John Madden Duo CD Football (TurboDuo CD)

  • James Pond II: Operation Robocod (Game Gear)

S.W.A.T Pro:

  • Mario is Missing (Super NES)

  • Alien 3 (Super NES)

  • Time Gal (Sega CD)

  • Muhammed Ali's Heavyweight Boxing (Genesis)

  • Spy vs. Spy (Game Boy)

  • Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (Game Boy)

  • Side Arms (TurboDuo)

  • WWF Royal Rumble (Super NES)

  • Panic Restaurant (NES)

  • Green Dog (Genesis)

  • Mutant League Football (Genesis)

  • RBI Baseball '93 (Genesis)

  • Bomberman '93 (TurboDuo)

  • Gates of Thunder (TurboDuo)

  • Mousetrap Hotel (Game Boy)

  • Cotton (TurboDuo)

Game Busters:  X-Men (Genesis)


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    Month: October
    Year: 1993
    Publisher: IDG Communications
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