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GamePro Issue 74

ISSUE: 74Content

The Mail

The Cutting Edge: The Virtual Boy: Better Red

Hot at the Arcades:  WWF Wrestlemania, Air Combat 22, Cool Riders

Special Series: The Game Makers: The Artists

Special Feature: Presenting the Sony PlayStation

PlayStation Pro Reviews:

  • Battle Arena Toshinden

  • Ridge Racer

Saturn Pro Review:

  • Bug!

Sega CD Pro Review:

  • Samurai Shodown

Genesis Pro Reviews:

  • Primal Rage

  • WeaponLord

Super NES Pro Reviews:

  • Killer Instinct

  • Primal Rage

  • WeaponLord

  • Syndicate

  • SwatKats

3DO Pro Review:

  • Zhadnost: The People's Party

Jaguar Pro Reviews:

  • Rayman

  • Power Drive Rally

  • Air Cars

Neo Geo Pro Review:

  • World Heroes Perfect

The Sports Page:

  • Slam 'N Jam '95 (3DO)

  • RHI Roller Hockey '95 (Super NES)

  • RBI Baseball '95 (32X)

  • Hardball '95 (Genesis)

  • Head-On Soccer (Super NES, Genesis)

Role Player's Realm:

  • Chrono Trigger (Super NES)

  • Secret of the Stars (Super NES)

Game Boy Pro Reviews:

  • Asteroids and Missile Command

  • Centipede/Millipede

Primal Rage Strategy Guide (Super NES, Genesis)

S.W.A.T Pro:

  • Ristar (Genesis)

  • Star Wars Arcade (32X)

  • Panzer Dragoon (Saturn)

  • Kirby's Pinball Land (Game Boy)

  • Savage Reign (Neo Geo)

  • Cosmic Carnage (32X)

  • X-Men 2 (Genesis)

  • Tempo (32X)

  • Daytona USA (Saturn)

  • Keio Flying Squadron (Sega CD)

  • Kirby's Avalanche (Super NES)

  • Aerobiz Supersonic (Super NES)

  • Panzer Dragoon (Saturn)

  • The Adventures of Batman & Robin (Super NES)

The Fighter's Edge: Tournament Winning Combos & Techniques for Street Fighter: The Movie (Arcade), Battle Arena Toshinden (PlayStation), Virtua Fighter (Saturn)

GamePro Labs: Arcade Racer (Saturn), Virtua Stick (Saturn), HORI Fighting Stick SS (Saturn)

Buyer's Beware

Short ProShots:

  • Yoshi's Island (Super NES)

  • Virtua Fighter 2 (Saturn)

  • Virtua Cop (Saturn)

  • Mortal Kombat 3 (PlayStation)

  • Kolibri (32X)

  • Blackthorne (32X)

  • Tecmo Super Bowl III" Final Edition (Super NES, Genesis)

  • The Adventures of Batman & Robin (Sega CD)

  • Darkstalkers (PlayStation)

  • X-Men: Children of the Atom (Saturn, PlayStation)

  • Fox Hunt (Saturn, PlayStation)

  • Black Fire (Saturn)

  • GhenWar (Saturn)

  • The 11th Hour: The Sequel to The 7th Guest (Saturn, PlayStation, PC CD)

  • Astral (Saturn)

  • Rayman (Saturn)

  • SimCity 2000 (Saturn)

  • Cyber Speedway (Saturn)

  • Full Throttle (PC CD)

  • The Journeyman Project 1: Director's Cut (Saturn, PlayStation)

  • Assault Rigs (PlayStation)

  • Wipe Out (PlayStation)

  • Novastorm (PlayStation)

  • The Hive (PC CD)

  • Hellraiser: Virtual Hell (PC CD)

Overseas Prospects: Tokyo Toy Show Report


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    Title: GamePro Issue 74
    Month: September
    Year: 1995
    Publisher: IDG Communications
    Editor: Wes Nihei
    Price: $4.99/$6.50 Canada
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    Language: English
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