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Girls of Gaming Issue 1

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Ever vigilant in the proliferation of the female form in video games, Girls of Gaming is gaming’s one and only magazine celebrating the best and brightest female characters gaming has to offer from sultry sorceresses to cuddly anthromorphs, all discerningly depicted with an emphasis on their respective roles in the games they grace.

In this issue:

Ivy & Taki,Millia, Dizzy, May & Jam,Nagi, Uranus & Marvel,Cammy & Chun Li,Morrigan & Felicia,Sarah, Pai & Vanessa,Kitana and more...

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    Title: Girls of Gaming Issue 1
    Year: 2004
    Publisher: "Fusion Publishing Inc"
    Editor: Dave Halverson
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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