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Hardcore Gamer Issue 16

ISSUE: 16Content


  • Microsoft Xbox
  • Microsoft Xbox 360
  • Sony Playstation 2
  • Sony PSP
  • Nintendo Gamecube
  • Nintendo DS
  • Sega Genesis
  • PC
  • mobile


(The following is loosely based on this issue's table of contents, with any select article excerpts in quotes. (Notes) and bullet lists added for clarity.)

Biographical Data (staff bios)

News (one page; news section; headlines:)

  • The End Of E3 As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
  • Financial Gibberish

Previews (one page each, with some games in combo preview)

  • Final Fantasy XII (PS2)
  • Phantasy Star Universe (PS2,360,PC)
  • .Hack/G.U. Vol. 1 Rebirth (PS2)
  • Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2 (PS2), Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded (PSP)
  • TimeShift (PC,360)
  • Star Trek Tactical Assault (PSP,DS)
  • Rule of Rose (PS2)
  • Cooking Mama (DS)
  • Gitaroo Man Lives! (PSP)
  • Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (PS2,360,XB,PC)
  • ATV: Offroad Fury Pro (PSP), ATV Offroad Fury 4 (PS2)
  • NBA 07 (PS2,PSP)
  • God Hand (PS2)
  • Gunpey (DS,PSP)
  • Contact (DS)



Survive The Horror: The Future Of Fear (three pages; history and future of horror themed video games)

Machinima: Video Reels From Video Games (two pages)

The Dark Side Of Retrogaming - Awesome Possum: Kicks Dr. Machino's Butt (one page; Genesis)


Mobile (three pages; mobile game reviews)

  • Super Puzzle Fighter II: Network Battle
  • GoodFellas
  • Lil Jon: Crunk Golf
  • Hot Secretary: I Love My Boss
  • Gunpey EX
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Multiplayer

Cover Story - Destroy All Humans! 2: Make War Not Love (seven pages; includes one-page interview with producer Derek Proud)

Reviews (one page each unless noted)

  • Okami (PS2; two pages)
  • N3: Ninety-Nine Nights (360)
  • Yakuza (PS2)
  • Madden NFL 07 (PS2,360,XB,GC)
  • Samurai Warriors 2 (PS2)
  • Loco Roco (PSP)
  • Guilty Gear Judgement (PSP)
  • Pac-Man World Rally (PS2,GC,PC,PSP)
  • Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria (PS2)
  • Xenosaga Episode III (PS2)

Japan (four pages; import reviews)

  • Wrestle Kingdom (two pages; PS2)
  • Project Hacker: Kakusei (DS)
  • Mawa Sunda!! (DS)

Hardware (two pages; accessories, peripherals, systems)

  • Saitek Eclipse II Illuminated Keyboard
  • Nyko GameFace 360
  • Nyko Intercooler (360)
  • Nyko Intelligent Remote 360
  • Saitek P2900 Wireless Gamepad (PC)

Fan Art (one page)

Cosplay (one page)

Funnies (one page; comic strips)

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    Title: Hardcore Gamer Issue 16
    Month: October
    Year: 2006
    Publisher: DoubleJump Publishing
    Editor: Greg Off
    Pages: 86
    Price: $4.99 USA, $6.99 Canada
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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