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Next Generation Issue 35

ISSUE: 35Content


  • Sega Saturn
  • Sega Dreamcast (development news coverage)
  • Nuon (development news coverage)
  • PC
  • Sony PlayStation
  • Nintendo 64
  • Macintosh
  • arcade
  • online


(The following is loosely based on this issue's table of contents, with select issue excerpts included. Magazine accurate text formatting (lower case headers, etc) purposefully retained. (Notes) and bullet lists are added for clarity.)

(The 'Disc Edition' of this issue includes a CD featuring additional content. This issue includes a 30-page in-bound Electronics Boutique catalog labeled 'Oct/Nov. 1997 Issue 4.')

(standard edition: $5.99 USA, $6.99 Canada; CD edition: $7.99 USA?, $8.99 Canada?)


The game industry's Dr. Frankenstein
Cyberlife's Creatures receives five stars this issue. What better time then to sit down with Steve Grand, the company's director of technology, to discuss Artificial Life and its origins and implications. Are his Norns really alive? (six page interview)



(Original news articles along with regular, recurring news features; one page each unless noted. While original news stories regularly included related sidebars, unrelated sidebars would often be used to fill space as well - these are noted.)

Sega's Next Generation console revealed
As saturn slowly fades, details on Sega's next console surface.

Project X: A Mario killer in the making
Details emerge on the Next Generation of game consoles.

Tokyo catches gaming hysteria
Tokyo Game Show packs in consumers with hundreds of new titles.

ECTS shows off everyone's true colors
Colin Campbell reports from Europe's largest game show.

Nintendo dealt blow
Company sees delays, licensing problems. (1/2 page)

(Recurring news features; one page each unless noted:)

An irregular look inside the heads of some of the world's leading videogame designers. (sidebar; Shigeru Miyamoto mini-interview)

In the Studio
Development news as it develops. (1/2 page; games in development; from Lucasarts, Namco, Radical Entertainment, Blizzard)

Gadget (hardware and accessories)

  • Adrenaline Rush (PC video card)
  • Eagle Max (PS joystick)

The products that build your favorite games. ('3D Studio MAX R2')

Gaming on the Internet. (online gaming news by Christian Svensson)

Movers and Shakers
The business news that affects the games you play. (misc. business news by Colin Campbell)

The latest arcade and coin-op news. (misc. arcade news by Marcus Webb)

Anecdotes from computer and videogaming's past. (videogame history by Steven Kent; 'The Owen Rubin Memorial Gameroom')

ng special

Cover Story: The top 25
The history of videogames is marked by brief, shining examples of innovation, followed by a plague of "me-too" clones. Which games of the coming year will lead so that others may follow? Next Generation picks the 25 games that may shape the way you play. ('25 Breakthrough games - A guide to the next level in videogames;' fifteen pages; includes intro and the following 1/2 page sections:)

  • Battlezone (PC)
  • Blade Runner (PC)
  • Burning Rangers (Sat)
  • Die by the Sword (PC)
  • FireTeam (online)
  • Fly by Wire (PS,PC)
  • Galapagos (Mac,PC)
  • G.Police (PC,PS)
  • Grand Prix Legends (PC)
  • Half Life (PC)
  • I-War (PC)
  • Jedi Knight (PC)
  • Mask of Eternity (PC)
  • Messiah (PC,PS)
  • Metal Gear Solid (PS)
  • Myth (Mac,PC)
  • Prey (PC)
  • Quake 2 (PC)
  • Skies (online)
  • StarCraft (PC)
  • 10Six(online)
  • Trespasser (PC)
  • Ultima Online (online)
  • Zelda 64 (Nintendo 64">N64) (the eventual The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
  • Zork Grand Inquisitor (PC)
  • Conspicuously Missing

ng software

Alphas (game previews, sometimes presented as part of a themed overview or interview:)

(Next Generation's game previews often varied in scope and size. Smaller previews were usually traditional in presentation, while larger previews often incorporated developer commentary. The largest previews were typically presented as a themed article (focusing on a development studio, accessory, etc) previewing one or more titles and were often accompanied by an interview (noted).

(Previews with additional content on the accompanying Next Generation Disc are noted with an asterisk (*).)

  • Trespasser (PC; five pages) *
  • Sony Music Entertainment (development studio profile; three pages)
  • Atari comes alive (development studio profile,previews, interview; five pages; one-page 'Atari comes alive' profile and the following sections:) *
    • San Francisco Rush: The Rock, Alcatraz Edition (arcade; 1.5 pages)
    • The "Juko" Project (arcade; 1/2 page)
    • An interview with Dan Van Elderen (two pages)
  • Metropolis (development studio profile; four pages)
  • Quest 64 (Nintendo 64">N64; two pages)
  • Panzer Dragoon Saga (Sat; three pages)
  • 10Six(online/PC; three pages) *
  • Shadow Master (PS; one page)
  • Joint Strike Fighter (PC; one page)
  • Respect Inc. (PC,PS; two pages)
  • Front Mission Alternative (PS; two pages)
  • Powerslide (arcade,Nintendo 64">N64,PC,PS; two pages)
  • Seven Kingdoms (PC; two pages)
  • Motor Raid (arcade; one page)
  • Outwars (PC; one page)
  • Einhander (PS; one page)

ng special

The way games ought to be
Great videogame art (with no pictures). (by Neil West; 1.5 pages)



(Next Generation reviews were usually 1/8th to 1/4th page in length, though this varied wildly and length was never pre-determined - 1/2 and one page reviews would see print on occasion. Higher rated and/or spotlighted games would usually receive more page real estate than lower rated.)

(Import reviews are noted with '(Japan)' below. Reviews also appearing on the accompanying Next Generation Disc are noted with an asterisk (*).)

Nintendo 64

  • Tetrisphere


  • Abe's Oddysee
  • Ace Combat 2
  • Croc: The Legend of the Gobbos
  • NFL GameDay 98 *
  • Fantastic 4 *
  • Ghost in the Shell *
  • Herc's Adventures *
  • PaRappa the Rapper
  • Madden '98 *
  • MLB '98 *
  • Porsche Challenge *
  • Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha


  • Last Bronx (Japan)
  • Marvel Super Heroes
  • Saturn Bomberman *


  • Atlantis: The Lost Tales
  • Dragon Dice
  • Extreme Assault
  • IF-22 Raptor
  • Warlords III: Reign of Heroes
  • X-COM: Apocalypse
  • Creatures
  • XCar: Experimental Racing


  • Achtung Spitfire *
  • Gridz *


Here's where our reader tell us how much we are loved and appreciated - or not. (reader mail; two pages)


ng Disc Contents

This month Next Generation sits down with Atari Games, Psygnosis, Eidos, Electronic Arts, Singletrac, and SegaSoft in order to get the latest technology and advanced gameplay news. Many of these exclusive movies are counterparts to articles found in this month's issue of Next Generation.

Tomb Raider 2, Lost World, Vs. Aerofighter's Assault, Madden '98, Cool Boarders 2, Goldeneye 007

Eight live interviews: exploring Psygnosis' futuristic penchant, Atari Games' pres., plus visits to EA, Eidos, & Singletrac

More than 1,300 NG finals in a searchable database

G.Police, Hexen II, Pax Imperia, Youngblood, Worldwide Soccer '98, Conquest Earth Screensaver, NG Screensaver

America Online 3.0, Heat, The Palace 4.0, Tic-Tac-Chat

Achtung Spitfire, Ares, Battle Girl, Civilization II, Gridz, NG Screensaver

Next Generation reveals DreamWorks' Trespasser. Meet key players Seamus Blackley and Terry Izumi. Also witness world exclusive, first gameplay footage

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    Title: Next Generation Issue 35
    Month: November
    Year: 1997
    Publisher: Imagine Media
    Editor: Chris Charla
    Pages: 228
    Price: see description
    Country: United States
    Language: English
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