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Next Generation Issue 6

ISSUE: 6Content


  • Atari Jaguar
  • Atari Jaguar CD-ROM
  • Sega Genesis
  • Sega 32X
  • Sega CD
  • Sega Saturn
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  • 3DO
  • M2 (never released)
  • PC
  • Macintosh
  • Sony Playstation
  • arcade


(The following is loosely based on this issue's table of contents, with select issue excerpts included. Magazine accurate text formatting (lower case headers, etc) purposefully retained. (Notes) and bullet lists are added for clarity.)


Bullfrog's Peter Molyneux: the smartest guy in gaming?
Bullfrog Productions is responsible for some of the greatest games of all time. Populous, Syndicate, PowerMonger, Theme Park, and Magic Carpet, all have set new standards. Bullfrog's leader is Peter Molyneux, and here he offers his unique perspective on the gaming world. ('Is Peter Molyneux the smartest guy in gaming?;' five page interview)



(Original news articles along with regular, recurring news features; one page each unless noted. While original news stories regularly included related sidebars, unrelated sidebars would often be used to fill space as well - these are noted.)

PlayStation dominates European show
Trade shows are war, as each company pulls out its biggest guns to impress the crowds. Sony wins the biggest war in Europe... (1.75 pages)

DVD plagued by double standards
Two rival camps are now pitted against each other in a bid to establish their formats as the DV standard for the next century. (2 pages; includes 'GamePro">GP Publications renames itself Imagine Publishing' sidebar)

Jaguar plugs into the CD revolution
Atari's delayed CD drive for the Jaguar finally prepares to ship. (two pages)

AOU: coin-op houses unveil '95 line-up
Arcade companies show their wares at Japan's premier coin-op event. (three pages)

DigiPen: Nintendo goes to school
Where will the next Shigeru Miyamoto hail from? A Nintendo-sponsored game school in Vancouver may hold the answer. (one page)

(Recurring news features; one page each unless noted:)

DataStream (sidebar; number related news/trivia)

Gaming on the information superhighway. (online gaming news by Bernard Yee)

Probing the probable, inevitable, and theoretical of the industry's near future - this month a planet of sound. (1/2 page; behind-the-scenes news by Mark James Ramshaw)

Datebook (1/2 page; calendar of events)

News from an insider's view of the coin-op business, and how it affects the games you play. (misc. arcade news by Marcus Webb)

ng hardware

M2: 3DO bites back
One paper, 3DO's Next Generation hardware is the most sophisticated game machine of all time. But can it really work? ('M2;' six pages, including one page Trip Hawkins interview)

ng special

PlayStation's disciples
A behind-the-scenes look at how Sony is making sure PlayStation has the games to match the hardware potential. ('Digital disciples: Sony's PlayStation game plan;' nine pages, including one page Ken Kutaragi interview)

ng software

Alphas (in-depth game previews; two pages each unless noted:)

(Next Generation's game previews often varied in scope and size. Smaller previews were usually traditional in presentation, while larger previews often incorporated developer commentary. The largest previews were typically presented as a themed article (focusing on a development studio, accessory, etc) previewing one or more titles and were often accompanied by an interview (noted).)

  • Crossfire (PCCD; six pages, including one page Paul Cuisset interview)
  • Killing Time (3DO; one page)
  • Virtual Pool (MacCD, PCCD)
  • Minnesota Fats: The Pool Master (Sat)
  • Daedalus (Sat; one page)
  • Mech Warrior 2 (PCCD; three pages)
  • BladeForce (3DO)
  • Virtual Hydlide (Sat; one page)
  • Heart of Darkness (PCCD; eight pages)
  • Extreme Power (PS; 1.5 pages)
  • PO'ed (3DO)
  • Astal (Sat; one page)



(While all video game magazines make the occasional slip, Next Generation's game review section was especially notorious and/or exceptional for reviewing games never formally released in North America, or were instead eventually released under a different title. In some cases an import title would be reviewed with the domestic release also reviewed in a later issue. Japanese import reviews are noted when known. Reviews were usually 1/8th to 1/4th page in length, though this varied wildly and length was never pre-determined - one page reviews would see print on rare occasions. Higher rated and/or spotlighted games would usually receive more page real estate than lower rated.)


  • Panzer Dragoon


  • Quarantine
  • Seal of the Pharaoh
  • Myst
  • Space Hulk
  • Syndicate


  • Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls
  • Hower Strike
  • Cannon Fodder
  • Troy Aikman Football


  • Brutal
  • Gold Magazine Presents 36 Great Holes Starring Fred Couples
  • Knuckles Chaotix
  • Quarterback Club


  • Bureau 13
  • Dragon Lore
  • Pizza Tycoon
  • Hodj' 'n' Podj'
  • Renegade
  • Rise of the Triad
  • Zorro
  • Shanghai: Great Moments
  • Transport Tycoon Scenario


  • Flashback
  • Trouble Souls
  • Alone in the Dark
  • Wolfenstein 3-D

Sega CD

  • Flink
  • Rapid Deployment Forces: Global Conflict
  • Shining Force CD
  • Road Rash


  • ATP Tennis
  • Barkley: Shut Up And Jam 2
  • Saturday Night Slammasters
  • Spider-Man the Animated Series
  • True Lies
  • Tecmo Super Hockey
  • Minnesota Fats The Pool Master
  • Warlock
  • Exo-Squad


  • Fatal Fury Special
  • Hagane
  • Mighty Max
  • Breakthrough
  • Operation Thunderbolt
  • Pac-In-Time
  • Stargate
  • Sonic Blastman II
  • Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Crossroads of Time


  • Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge


Want to get something off your chest? Here's your chance to speak to a sympathetic(ish) audience. (reader mail; one page)

Letters from desks on the front line (insider commentary; this issue, Virgin Interactive Entertainment's Julian Rignal; one page)

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    Title: Next Generation Issue 6
    Month: June
    Year: 1995
    Publisher: Imagine Media
    Editor: Neil West
    Pages: 132
    Price: $4.99 USA, $5.99 Canada
    Country: United States
    Language: English
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