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Nintendo Power Issue 129

ISSUE: 129Content

Player's Pulse (Letters to the Editor)

Disney's Tarzan (N64) Strategy

World League Soccer (N64) Strategy

Classified Information:

·         Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M. (N64)

·         Xena: The Talisman of Fate (N64)

·         NBA Courtside 2 featuring Kobe Bryant (N64)

·         Ready to Rumble Boxing (N64)

·         Resident Evil 2 (N64)

·         Carmageddon (Game Boy Color)

·         Paperboy (N64)

·         Space Invaders (Game Boy Color)

·         Roadsters (N64)


Pokémon Stadium (N64) Preview

PGA European Tour (N64) Strategy

NST: Game Makers

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (N64) Preview

Fighter Destiny 2 (N64) Strategy

Ridge Racer 64 (N64) Strategy

CyberTiger (N64) Strategy

Pokémon PokéCenter

Counselors Corner:

·         Rayman 2: The Great Escape (N64)

·         Donkey Kong 64 (N64)

·         Resident Evil 2 (N64)

·         Gex 3: Deep Pocket Gecko (Game Boy Color)

Turok: Rage Wars (Game Boy Color) Strategy

Crystalis (Game Boy Color) Preview

Bionic Commando (Game Boy Color) Strategy

Game Boy a-Go-Go:

·         Godzilla: The Series

·         The New Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley

·         Pong: The Next Level

·         Mr. Nutz

·         Billy Bob's Hunting-n-Fishing

·         Test Drive 6

·         Micro Machines 1 and 2: Twin Turbo

·         Grand Theft Auto

Now Playing:

·         Disney's Tarzan (N64)

·         Ridge Racer 64 (N64)

·         Fighter Destiny 2 (N64)

·         Elmo's Letter Adventure (N64)

·         Elmo's Number Journey (N64)

·         PGA European Tour (N64)

·         World League Soccer (N64)

·         CyberTiger (N64)

·         Bionic Commando (Game Boy Color)

·         Turok: Rage Wars (Game Boy Color)

·         Mr. Nutz (Game Boy Color)

·         Grand Theft Auto (Game Boy Color)

·         The New Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley (Game Boy Color)

Pak Watch:

·         New colors for the N64

·         Warlocked (Game Boy Color)

·         Looney Tunes Collector: Alert (Game Boy Color)

·         Bomberman 2 (N64)

·         F-1 Racing Championship (N64)

·         Pak Peeks

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    Title: Nintendo Power Issue 129
    Month: February
    Year: 2000
    Publisher: Nintendo of America
    Editor: Howard Phillips
    Price: US_$4.95 Canada_$5.95
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 6

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