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Sega Challenge Issue 2

ISSUE: 2Content

Sega's answer to Nintendo's Fun Club newsletter, sent free to everybody who registered a Sega product back in the day. Sixteen pages of 'All Sega, All The Time' action-y goodness with no third-party ads.


  • Sega Spotlight (John Sauer, the quirky marketing/advertising guy who writes the copy for Sega's packaging and game storylines)
  • Sega Challenge Scoreboard (Featuring Outrun (SMS) this issue; next issue: After Burner(SMS)!)
  • Sega Software Checklist (Know what you've got when you're away from the collection)
  • Tech Talk (Shedding some light on the Sega Master System's Light Phaser gun)
  • Sega Accessories Order Form (Because everything's better with Sega on it, dontchaknow)


  • After Burner (SMS)

Advice From the Experts (Tips and strategy from the editors):

  • Zaxxon 3-D (SMS)
  • Zillion (SMS)
  • Global Defense (SMS)

Tips From the Team (Reader-submitted strategy and tactics):

  • Pro Wrestling (SMS)
  • Zillion (SMS)
  • Choplifter (SMS)
  • Fantasy Zone (SMS)
  • Ghost House (SMS)

Coming Soon:

  • Parlour Games (SMS)
  • Alien Syndrome (SMS)
  • Maze Hunter 3-D (SMS)

Challenge the Sega Master (reader-submitted questions on specific games or hardware):

  • Fantasy Zone (SMS)
  • Sega Sports Pad controller (SMS)
  • Rocky (SMS)
  • Enduro Racer (SMS)
  • Choplifter (SMS)

Noteworthy Stuff:

  • If you order an XL-sized shirt, add another $.50 to your order, because...screw tall people.
  • The Sega Rapid Fire Unit is available for $12.00, so buy one before all your friends do!
  • Sega suggests swapping your game carts with friends so you can keep enjoying new challenges without having to fork over more money. Oh, how the times do change...
  • With any order from Sega, you get a free map to the game Zillion. It might have looked a little something like this:
  • You can send the Sega Challenge newsletter to four of your friends by filling out the enclosed form.
  • Curious what was on that Sega Games Preview tape you could buy for $7.00? Wonder no more! GoodCowGames uploaded the whole thing to YouTube:
    (part 1)
    (part 2)
    (part 3)

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    Title: Sega Challenge Issue 2
    Month: Spring
    Year: 1988
    Publisher: Sega of America
    Editor: Ron Elliot
    Pages: 16
    Price: 3.75$
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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