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Sega Visions Vol.1 Iss.3

ISSUE: 3Content

Systems Covered:

  • Master System
  • Genesis
  • Arcade


  • Mailbox - Do we get letters! Sega gamers share their comments, suggestions and opinions.
  • The Game Doctor (Q&A Session) - The Doctor tells it straight as always... and remedies everything from raves to rumors!
  • Jo Montana Scores The Big One for Sega - Read how the king of the off-balance throw brings his finesse to the Sega team in a new game that breaks all the rules!
  • Game Reviews: Genesis
    • Mickey Mouse in The Castle of Illusion
    • Dick Tracy
    • Cyberball
    • Strider
    • James "Buster" Douglas Knockout Boxing
    • Thunderforce III
    • Shadow Dancer
    • Strategy: Sword of Vermilion

    [*]Party Line - The Party Line is buzzin' with the latest news on hot new game companies that get the Sega seal of approval.

    [*]Visions & Views in the News - Sega breaks new technological ground with the incredible R-360! It's a super-rolling fighter simulator so real it will send you spinning -- literally --- 360 degrees!

    [*]The High Point - Hot shot gamers stake their claim to fame - and a Sega T-shirt!

    [*]Game Reviews: Master System

    • Paper Boy
    • Joe Montana
    • Strategy: Pat Riley Basketball

    [*]Niles Nemo - It's not easy being the worl's coolest guy! Will Niles ever learn to leave th epapayas and avacados off his pizza -- and get to bed when his mom tells him?

    [*]Coming Attractions - Experience all the action as Sega introduces an awesome line of Simulation games -- and a sneak peek at Fatal Labyrinth, Sega's fabulous new Fantasy Adventure!


This issue came with numbered collector's cards that feature Sega characters.

9. The Tiger from Psycho Fox

10. Future Cop from E SWAT

11. Wonder Boy from Wonder Boy II

12. Robert King from Dead Angle

13. Odin from Phantasy Star

14. The Beast from Altered Beasts

15. Pilot from Aerial Assault

16. Hocky Player from Slap Shot

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    Title: Sega Visions Vol.1 Iss.3
    Month: Winter
    Year: 1990
    Publisher: Sega/The Communiqué Group
    Editor: James Kurland
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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