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VideoGames & Computer Entertainment Issue 3

ISSUE: 3Content


  • Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Sega Master System
  • Atari ST
  • Atari XE Game System
  • Atari 2600
  • Atari 'computers'
  • IBM PC
  • Amiga
  • Apple (II, IIGS)
  • Macintosh
  • Macintosh (512, SE, II)
  • Commodore 64
  • NEC PC-Engine (the eventual TurboGrafx-16)
  • NEC PC-Engine CD-ROM (the eventual TurboGrafx-16 CD-ROM Player)


(The Superstar Ice Hockey computer strategies mentioned in this issue's TOC are actually included in the June 1989 issue.)

FEATURES (contents page excerpts; bullet lists added)

A Sneak Peek At NEC's PC Engine by Lee Pappas
This fantastic new game machine could be here soon! (PC Engine console, AV booster shown; three pages)

Life Force Strategy Guide, Part II by Andy Eddy and Lee Pappas
More tips and maps on this challenging game. (NES; eight pages)

Alex Kidd In Miracle World Strategy Guide, Part I by Clayton Walnum
Is your Peticopter crashing too much? We'll help you through the first six levels of Sega's colorful adventure. ('Adventures in Miracle World, Part 1: A Strategy Guide to Alex Kidd in Miracle World'; SMS; eight pages)

Sailing On Silicon Wings: A Comprehensive Survey Of Flight Simulators by Bill Kunkel, Arnie Katz and Joyce Worley
Which flight simulator gives you the smoothest ride and most fun? (seven pages)

Simulating The Neat Stuff: A Conversation With Sid Meier by Bill Kunkel
A chat with one of the premiere entertainment programmers about his games and career. (interview commentary; three pages)

Computer-Game Strategies by Bill Kunkel and Arnie Katz
Our resident disc jockeys lead you through Tetris, Superstar Ice Hockey and Impossible Mission 2.

  • Jockeying the Tetris Jigsaw (Amiga,AppleII,IIGS,C64,PC,Mac512,MacSE,MacII; one page)
  • Going on an Impossible Mission, Too! (Amiga,AppleII,ST,C64,PC; one page)


Video-Game Reviews (four pages)

  • Arkanoid (NES)
  • Gauntlet (NES)
  • Legendary Wings (NES)
  • Galaga (NES)
  • Mighty Bomb Jack (NES)

Product Review

  • Freedom Stick (Atari Computers,2600,XE,NES,SMS; one page)

Computer-Game Reviews (six pages)

  • Nobunaga's Ambition (PC)
  • Ocean Ranger (C64)
  • Fast Break (C64)
  • Global Commander (Amiga,ST,C64,PC)
  • Captain Blood (Amiga,ST,C64,PC)
  • Warlock (Amiga,AppleIIGS,ST,C64,Mac)
  • Hole-In-One Miniature Golf (C64,Amiga,ST)


Editor's Letter by Andy Eddy (editorial; wish list of gaming improvements; one page)

Reader Mail (reader mail column; December 1988 issue corrections; one page)

News Bits compiled by Joyce Worley (news section; capsule news stories; five pages)

  • Back-Talking Pinball (Talking Pinball Wizard tabletop LCD pinball game; shown)
  • Sinking the Pirates (SPA files suits against software pirates)
  • Data East's meted medals (Data East game sales numbers)
  • Pay for programming (industry salaries)
  • Software pubber thinks small (Acclaim to release two handhelds; Rambo, Airwolf)
  • Sweepstakes seeks master adventurer (Sierra On-Line's Master Adventurer Kings Quest IV contest)
  • Atari discounts for frequent buyers (Atari Advantage Collector Promotion)
  • Wocka-wocka-wocka: Pac-Man returns (Tengen Pac-Man for NES)
  • Still more SuperStars of the W.W.F. (MicroLeague Wrestling expansions)
  • Fuji Film floppies with flowery flourish (Fuji Film floppy disk marketing; flower-themed colors, Microsoft Works demo; bonus disk)
  • Scott Orr opens Season Ticket (Scott Orr leaves Gamestar to open new software production house)
  • Epyx agrees with Infogrames (Epyx purchases Infogrames)
  • IntraCorp licenses Trump (Trump Castle, The Ultimate Casino Gambling Simulation (Amiga,ST,Commodore,PC))
  • Falcon flies for forces (Falcon basis for armed forces flight trainers)
  • Capcom moves from Midway to Mousecapades (1943: The Battle of Midway (NES), Mickey Mousecapade (NES); DuckTales, Adventures in Disneyland mentioned)
  • Game uses headset computer, voice recognition (Voyager headset; shown)
  • Mindscape previews trio (Aussie Games (C64,PC), International Team Sports (C64,PC), Combat Course (Amiga,ST,C64,MSDOS))
  • Top autumn coin-ops (Replay Magazine top lists; Top 10 Best Upright Video Games; Top 10 Best Software)
  • Nintendo sues Camerica over Freedom Stick (vs. Nintendo's Advantage joystick)
  • The Wiz of Wizardry goes to space (Star Saga One: Beyond the Boundary (Apple II,PC,Mac,Commodore,Amiga,ST))

Easter Egg Hunt (tips, codes, strategies; 0.66 pages)

  • Spy Hunter (NES)
  • Sega Master System (hardware; tip being, the system itself contains a hidden game)
  • Double Dragon (NES)

Question & Answer - The Game Doctor Waxes Philosophical by The Game Doctor (listed as 'The Game Doctor' in the TOC; Q&A; two pages)

Inside Gaming - Designers: Get Rich Quick? by Arnie Katz (commentary; 1.66 pages)

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COVER (TOC excerpt:)

Taking off into the action-packed world of Flight Simulators. Cover Art: John Zeleznik. Inset photography by Ladi von Jansky.

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    Title: VideoGames & Computer Entertainment Issue 3
    Month: April
    Year: 1989
    Publisher: Larry Flynt Publications
    Editor: Andy Eddy
    Pages: 100
    Price: $2.95 / CANADA $3.95
    Country: United States
    Language: English
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