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VideoGames & Computer Entertainment Issue 31

ISSUE: 31Content


  • Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Nintendo Game Boy
  • Nintendo Super Famicom (Super Nintendo Entertainment System predecessor)
  • Sega Genesis
  • Sega Game Gear
  • Atari ST
  • Atari Lynx
  • IBM PC
  • Amiga
  • Macintosh
  • Commodore 64
  • NEC TurboGrafx-16

FEATURES (Contents page excerpts)

VG&CE's Games Line
Don't get left out in the cold, become a video-game industry insider! Call VG&CE's Games Line, (900) 45-GAMES, for all the hottest news, game tips or just to voice your opinions.

G.I. Joe Player's Guide, Part II by Donn Nauert
The Cobra organization is at it again, but no need to worry, our gaming master will help you succeed in this tough assignment.

Super Famicom Preview, Part III by Andy Eddy (Super Famicom game previews)
Recently VG&CE's editors paid a visit to Japan. Join us as we take a look at what's coming up for the Super Famicom and probably for the Super NES too.

Powermonger Player's Guide by Clayton Walnum
If your thirst for power hasn't been quenched yet, let VG&CE show you how to become the ultimate megalomaniac.

One Is The Loneliest Number by Bill Kunkel and Joyce Worley
For the most part, multiplayer gaming has been restricted to coin-ops and video-game systems, while computer gamers dwell in a solitary environment. In this feature, we'll look at some of the software titles that have tried to transcend this barrier.

10 Tops For Smarter Buying by Joyce Worley
Feeling a little swamped by the amount of game software that's out there? We'll help you choose the games you'll like the best.


Video-Game Reviews

  • The Little Mermaid (NES)
  • Tale Spin (TG16)
  • Star Control (Gen)
  • Might & Magic II (Gen)
  • Blockout (Gen)
  • Rockin' Kats (NES)
  • Batman (Gen)
  • Hardball (Gen)
  • Phantasy Star III (Gen)
  • The Faery Tale Adventure (Gen)

Computer-Game Reviews

  • RoboSport (Mac)
  • RoboCop 2 (Amiga)
  • Continuum (Amiga/PC)
  • Lemmings (Amiga/ST/PC/Mac)
  • The Untouchables (Amiga/ST/C64/PC)
  • Airstrike USA (Amiga/PC)
  • Drakkhen (Amiga/PC)
  • Terran Envoy (Amiga/PC)
  • Powermonger (Amiga/ST)

Computer-Game Strategies by Frank Tetro, Jr. and John Schnyder
VG&CE's disk diagnosticians shed some light on Night Shift (PC) and show us how to rob our way to success in Railroad Tycoon (PC/Mac).


Editor's Letter by Andy Eddy

Reader Mail

Tip Sheet by Donn Nauert

  • Fester's Quest (NES)
  • Abadox (NES)
  • Double Dragon III (NES)
  • Ultima Exodus (NES)

News Bits compiled by Joyce Worley

  • Super NES Debuts
  • Disney Announces Capcom Videocade Game Center
  • Atari Scraps Panther Video-Game Console
  • Nintendo Settles Price-Fix Claims, Will Issue $25 Million in Redemption Certificates
  • American Video to Redeem Nintendo Coupons
  • Lucasfilm Introduces Computer Adventures, Video Games
  • The Addams Family Gets CD-ROM Game
  • Wizardy Gets Hints
  • An Old Favorite Gets a New Look
  • Koei Ends Contest; Sneak-Peeks New Games
  • Jaleco Sweeps Give Cash, Trips to Winners
  • Carmen to Go Where We've All Been Before
  • Desert Storm Is CD ROM
  • Grand Canyon on Disk
  • IBM's Not "Blue" Anymore
  • EA Shows Super NES Games
  • California Dreams of Politics
  • Spectrum HoloByte Announces Sweeps Winners
  • New Distribution Deals
  • Top Coin-Ops of April 1991
  • Top 10 IBM PC Video Games for March 1991 (includes Top 10 video games of Apr '91)
  • Midway Goes Back to the Dark Ages
  • PinBot Meets His Mate

Easter Egg Hunt

  • Mega Man III (NES)
  • Double Dragon III (NES)
  • Psychic World (GG)
  • James Pond (Gen)
  • Dr. Mario (NES)
  • G.I. Joe (NES)
  • The Immortal (NES)
  • Sagaia (Gen)

Fandango - The Fanzines Keep Coming by Arnie Katz (fanzine reviews)
(The Subversive Sprite, Vol. 2, #3; MegaSports Wire #1; Video Plus #6; Video Scope #2)

Game Doctor - Information On The Software Scene by the Game Doctor

Gaming On The Go - Slam Bang Software by Maurice Molyneaux (portable game reviews)

  • Kung Fu Master (GB)
  • Ninja Gaiden (Lynx)
  • Operation C (GB)
  • Navy Seals (GB)
  • Battle Unit Zeoth (GB)
  • The Punisher - The Ultimate Payback (GB)

Inside Gaming - What Electronic Gaming Needs Is A National Convention by Arnie Katz
(Excerpt:) It's time for a midsummer nights' dream, and Arnie has a doozy to share with you this time.

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COVER (Contents page excerpt)

The Little Mermaid based on the popular Disney movie, is the first video game designed specifically for young girls. Turn to page 38 for a detailed review of this new NES title. Cover Art: The Little Mermaid, © The Walt Disney Company.

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    Title: VideoGames & Computer Entertainment Issue 31
    Month: August
    Year: 1991
    Publisher: Larry Flynt Publications
    Editor: Andy Eddy
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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